Hallmark's Stephen Huszar Had A Close-Knit Relationship With The Late Treat Williams

It was a sad day on June 12, 2023, when the world learned that Hallmark start Treat Williams had died at the age of 71. Amongst the legions of fans who mourned his passing were dozens of actors Williams had worked with over the years, including "Chesapeake Shores" castmate Stephen Huszar. At the time of Williams' death, the "Everything Puppies" star penned a sweet tribute on his Instagram with fond sentiments about his former colleague. "Thank you for your kindness, your open-heart and vulnerability that touched us all so deeply," Huszar expressed. "Thank you for your passion, your laughter and zest for life that filled every room you entered."

The two actors worked together on the hit Hallmark series for several years. Huszar played Luke Tatum in Seasons 5 and 6, while Williams portrayed Mick O'Brien for all six seasons, from its very first episode in 2016 all the way until 2022 when "Chesapeake Shores" was cancelled. With Luke romancing Mick's daughter onscreen, Huszar and Williams were regular scene partners. 

Closing in on the one-year anniversary of the beloved actor's unexpected death, which was caused by a motorcycle accident, many came forward to share that they still miss their good friend and fellow thespian. In late May 2024, Huszar detailed to Us Weekly how much he still thinks of his Hallmark co-star: "Treat Williams is such a beautiful soul, and we miss him so, so much."

Stephen Huszar wishes he could work with Treat Williams one more time

In addition to being a regular on "Chesapeake Shores," actor Stephen Huszar (shown above with Treat Williams and the series' location manager Priscilla Yeo) has appeared in multiple Hallmark romance movies. You might have seen him in, among other productions, "Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance," "Undercover Holiday," and "A Royal Christmas Crush," where Huszar took his onscreen romance with co-star Katie Cassidy offscreen for a real-life love story. Although Huszar worked with Williams on "Chesapeake Shores" for two years, across more than 15 episodes, it wasn't nearly enough. 

In fact, when Us Weekly asked Huszar which of his former co-stars he would want to do his next rom-com with, it wasn't Emilie Ullerup, Meghan Ory, or Laci J. Mailey the actor mentioned. "If I could turn back time and if Treat was with us, I would love to share the screen with that man again," Huszar declared. "He's such a soul." The "My One and Only" star has referred to the actor as a mentor, a friend, and an icon when it came to his demonstrable acting talent (via Instagram). Williams played the head of the O'Brien family on "Chesapeake Shores," and clearly Huszar considered him family in real life, too. 

Treat Williams was a father figure to Stephen Huszar

When speaking about his time on "Chesapeake Shores," Stephen Huszar, as well as several others involved in the hit show, often talked about how the cast and crew formed a familial bond as they shot on location in Vancouver Island, Canada. When Huszar joined in Season 5, he was welcomed with open arms. "The cast also brought me in as family, which was great. As a character, but also as me, as Stephen," the actor informed Soaps.com. Huszar went on to discuss specifically how his co-star Treat Williams was such an important part of that dynamic, gushing, "He became such a close friend and a father figure." 

The Hallmark star lost his own father at a young age, making his relationship with Williams even more significant. Their characters on the show notably bonded through difficult times, which allowed the actors to form an even deeper connection when the cameras stopped rolling. "When you have those emotional scenes, you really get to know the other person. And it was just such a treat to work with such a legend," Huszar explained. Naturally, it's a loss he's still feeling deeply, with the "Undercover Holiday" star acknowledging, "He is so missed every day. I literally think about him every day."