Donald Trump's Words Come Back To Bite Him In New Biden Campaign Ad

The bad blood between Joe Biden and Donald Trump isn't going to go away anytime soon, if their campaign tactics are any indication. The current president and his predecessor will be facing off at the November 2024 polls, and any remnants of diplomacy and fair fighting have long since fallen by the wayside. Trump revs up his supporters with jibes at Biden's mental alertness, along with dire warnings about America's future, while Biden counters with jokes about Trump's infamous hush money case, as well as reminders that No. 45 will soon be a convicted felon. However, the president's latest campaign ad took a different approach: He simply let Trump do the talking. 

On June 9, Trump spoke at a rally in Las Vegas, where it was so hot the staff had to provide cooling tents for attendees. Trump assured the crowd there would be help available if anyone felt faint from the heat, but tossed in a comment about his own suffering. "Everybody yesterday was so worried about you, and they never mentioned me. I'm up here sweating like a dog," he said (via C-SPAN). Later on in the speech, Trump interrupted his train of thought to comment on a sudden breeze, adding, "'Cause I don't want anyone going on me, because we need every voter. I don't care about you, I just want your vote, I don't care."

Biden's team could not have asked for a better gift and they used it to the president's advantage.

Trump's supporters accused President Biden of not getting the joke

President Biden's campaign team turned the incriminating Donald Trump clip from the Las Vegas rally into a campaign ad and posted it to X, formerly known as Twitter, with the caption, "I approve this message." It seemed like a "gotcha" moment, but the former POTUS' faithful followers immediately explained Trump had gone on to say, "See now, the press will take that and they'll say, 'He said a horrible thing.'" It seems Trump deliberately made a cruel joke in hopes outlets such as MSNBC and CNN (whom he called "evil") would take the bait. This, in turn, would feed into his narrative of being slandered and misrepresented by the liberal press.

It wasn't the only controversial remark he made that day. Trump also ranted about the malfunctioning teleprompter and admitted he tends to delay payment to contractors who do poor work. Trump also mocked Biden's speech and mannerisms, went on an odd tangent about preferring to be "electrocuted" on a sinking battery-powered boat than jump in with the sharks, and — most tasteless of all — suggested his most loyal fans would rather die than vote for Biden. 

As one critic on X observed, "This is his pattern: he says something truthful, that is inevitably horrible, then claims the press will call it horrible [...] to con the cult into thinking he doesn't mean it the way it sounds, when he means it exactly the way it sounds."