New Snaps Of Marla Maples Show Melania Trump How Glamorous Life Can Be Without Donald

After Melania Trump's absence from Donald Trump's criminal trial made headlines, plenty of fans think the former first lady may be interested in becoming Donald's next ex-wife. And if Marla Maples is any proof, calling it quits with Trump is a winning choice. During a night on the town this weekend, it's clear that 60-year-old Maples is living her best life and looking better than ever. Like Melania, Maples was a model when she met her future husband, Donald. Maples married Donald in 1993, and the pair split in 1997. The couple's nuptials took place three years after Donald split from his first wife, Ivana Trump, and just two months after Maples gave birth to the former couple's only child together, Tiffany Trump.

On June 8, 2024, Maples reportedly hosted a dinner at the London restaurant, Inca London. The former model and actor looked radiant with her long blonde locks in loose curls (above) paired with a laidback jeans, tank top, and duster ensemble (below). She posed for pictures with friends and looked effortless and carefree. It's not easy to imagine Melania this way, since she often appears tense and solitary. These days, Melania is mostly staying out of the spotlight, even rushing through the side entrance of Trump Tower in an apparent attempt to not be seen immediately after Donald's guilty verdict. So, Maples certainly does make her seemingly glamorous and laidback post-Trump life seem appealing.

Melania Trump may need to follow in Marla Maples' footsteps

In 2016, nearly two decades after her split from Donald Trump, Marla Maples told People that their divorce had to do with the fact that the pair "differed on how we looked at the world and how we wanted to raise our child." This certainly sounds familiar; Melania Trump has been known to want to keep her son, Barron Trump, out of the spotlight as much as possible, despite being the child of the former president. Like Melania, Maples has also seemed to prioritize her child. In 2016, Maples told the Daily Beast, "I threw everything into my daughter and my work, you know, more than men."

Prioritizing Tiffany Trump over everything means that Martha Maples hasn't been too critical of her ex-husband – even when it's clear that this means biting her tongue. When asked about Donald's politics, she said, "God, it's just such a hard thing to say because ... I never want to get in the middle with Tiffany." Similarly, Melania has been steering clear of Donald's 2024 presidential campaign, and some folks believe that this move is for Barron's privacy. Ultimately, some of Melania and Maples' main priorities seem to be aligned, even though they handle them differently. And, if calling it quits with Donald can do such wonders for Maples, who knows — it may be just what Melania needs.