Alina Habba's Bizarre Childhood Anecdote Has Everyone Calling Her Bluff

While Alina Habba has been representing Donald Trump for longer than we thought, it was the defamation cases brought by E. Jean Carroll against Trump that helped rocket Habba to national recognition. This may have been why she was selected to be a speaker at this year's Turning Point USA's Young Women's Leadership Summit alongside Megyn Kelly, Lara Trump, and Candace Owens. However, critics took issue with the part of Habba's speech where she talked about her childhood. "My first home when I was born was across the street from a McDonald's," Habba said, "and my father used to take the money that he could have and got a Coke and a pack of peanuts every day so that we could survive," via X, formerly known as Twitter.

A number of people called her out over how it sounded like her dad went to McDonald's to get them that food. "Interesting. In almost 50 years I've never seen a pack of peanuts sold at a McDonald's. Must be a regional thing. Or a fib," one person wrote.

The issue may be Habba's delivery: It could certainly be interpreted that she was saying her dad went to McDonald's for peanuts and a Coke. It could also be that what Habba's family ate had nothing to do with McDonald's. The fast food restaurant may have just been used to illustrate the type of neighborhood they lived in. Either way, it had people commenting.

People didn't believe Alina Habba's claims about Coke and peanuts

Some seemed confused by the choice of survival food in Alina Habba's speech, regardless of where it was from. One person posted, "How does Coke and peanuts help anyone survive?"

It doesn't seem like it would have been the most cost-effective way to feed a family, with one person noting: "And wouldn't a dozen eggs be cheaper than a pack of peanuts and a coke? It would at least feed a family for a few days." Others were sure that since Habba's father is a doctor, he wouldn't have chosen such things to feed his family. Even some of her supporters didn't seem to believe Habba's story. "Big fan of you Alina, but ain't NO WAY you grew up on "Coke & Peanuts"!! one posted.

Then there were those who took issue with Habba's overall characterization of her childhood with several people commenting on the fact that she attended an expensive private high school. Others defended her, noting that Habba's parents were Iraqi immigrants and that they may not have had a lot of money when she was little. Though to counter that idea, someone said, "Her dad got his medical license 9 years before she was born. If they didn't have money when she was little, it wasn't because he bought peanuts & a drink at McDonald's."