Meghan McCain Confirms What We Suspected About Jennifer Lopez's Diva Behavior

Upon their release in February 2024, Jennifer Lopez's movie "This is Me ... Now: A Love Story" and the accompanying documentary "The Greatest Love Story Never Told" took the internet by storm — just not for the reason Lopez surely hoped. The film — which Lopez wrote, starred in, and bankrolled with her own money — and the documentary, which chronicled the process of making the movie, showed Lopez in a particularly out-of-touch light. 

After decades of fame, Lopez appears to have lost the plot, as far as much of the public is concerned, and it seems that she is no longer "Jenny from the block." Now, Meghan McCain, former co-host of ABC's "The View," is revealing what J-Lo is like in real life and, yes — if you suspected that she's "deeply unpleasant," according to McCain, you're right, per HuffPost.

On the June 7 episode of McCain's podcast "Citizen McCain," the TV personality recalled meeting J.Lo, who was a guest during her run as a co-host before McCain exited the talk show in 2021. "I, too, share similar negative stories that apparently the entire world does too," she said, adding that the pop star was simply "not nice."  According to McCain, not only does Lopez seem like "a deeply unpleasant person" based on her experience, but she also managed to out-diva a lot of other celebs.

McCain recalls J.Lo's massive entourage and their odd responsibilities

After five years with a talk show featuring more than a few celebrity guests, Meghan McCain surely knows a thing or two about stars' diva behavior. And, according to her, Jennifer Lopez's prima donna vibes were off the charts. McCain says that when Lopez came to "The View," she brought along the biggest team that McCain had ever experienced from a guest on the show. "[Her team] was more than Kim Kardashian and the president," she explained (via HuffPost). 

As for Lopez's attitude and how the public has been responding, McCain said, "I actually feel bad right now because we're turning to a point where there's bullying happening to J.Lo." However, she explained, "You don't always have to be so nice, but it was surprising given that people like Kim Kardashian couldn't be more delightful. When you're coming on a show for a 10-minute segment ... just fake it till you make it for 10 f***ing minutes." 

While McCain is certainly offering some new insight into J.Lo's real-life behavior, few fans are likely to be surprised by these revelations. After all, Lopez's 2024 tour cancellation — which it seems Lopez wants people to think is due to her reported tension with husband Ben Affleck — had many fans convinced there's actually a coverup.