Kimberly Guilfoyle Butchers Barbiecore Once Again In Her Favorite Tragic Silhouette

Children and teens of the 2000s may remember the most searing insult for fashionistas from 2003's "The Lizzie McGuire Movie": "Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!" It seems Kimberly Guilfoyle is almost an outfit repeater herself, based on her devotion to baby-doll minidresses. She's worn coquette dresses with puffy sleeves and cut-out details on the bodice on multiple occasions, including at a veterans' event and in photos on her son's prom night. The newest addition to Guilfoyle's questionable collection of coquette looks is a Barbiecore pink dress that she confidently sported in June 2024. 

The outfit was worn at the Spring Fling drug education fundraiser hosted by the Tigger Stavola Foundation, at which the former Fox News host was a guest speaker. The fundraiser was undoubtedly for a great cause, but plenty of fans commented on Guilfoyle's Instagram post about it with criticisms about her dress. More than a few people referred to the keyhole cutouts in the bodice, with one commenter saying, "I would love it if your clothing was less revealing," with a pink heart emoji. Another didn't share specifics but quipped, "Kimberly get a new fashion designer." Suffice it to say, this particular look wasn't it.

A fashion expert told Women Lifestyle that Kimberly Guilfoyle should branch out

In an interview with People explaining the coquette trend, stylist Marisa Ledford opined that it's, "Gen Z's take on flirty, soft, hyper-feminine style which references the Victorian Regency era." Kimberly Guilfoyle is evidently a staunch fan, given how often she appears in flirty baby-doll dresses. For instance, her pink minidress for the fundraiser was very similar to Guilfoyle's May 2024 Barbiecore look (which was complemented by Donald Trump Jr.'s casual, "Just Ken" look). However, it may be time for the outspoken political commentator to try something new. Women Lifestyle exclusively spoke to a fashion expert who reckons Guilfoyle should trade her trend obsession for more timeless style

Michelle Washington, "THE" TV Style Expert and Fashion Stylist, mentioned how the former Fox News host's ensembles don't always necessarily fit the destinations she's at, or the events she's attending. Washington also pointed out to us how: "Guilfoyle's fashion choices sometimes appear to prioritize current trends over timeless style. This can result in outfits that look dated quickly or lack longevity." The fashion expert further advised Don Jr.'s fiancée to both wear things she likes and to try something new. Trends come and go so quickly, so who knows how long Guilfoyle will be devoted to Barbiecore and coquette aesthetics. Could she embrace the coastal grandmother trend next?