Zooey Deschanel And Jonathan Scott's Wedding Update Is Sure To Disappoint Fans

When Zooey Deschanel signed on to do "Carpool Karaoke," little did the actor know that she would leave the experience having met her future fiancé, Jonathan Scott. The unlikely duo belted out tunes alongside her sister and his brother, while they quietly felt the spark of something big happening. Deschanel confirmed that there was instant chemistry between her and Scott, and the couple has been together ever since that fateful meeting in August 2019 (the episode aired in February 2020). Deschanel and Scott survived dating during the pandemic, as well as the "New Girl" star's official divorce — Deschanel was previously married to Jacob Pechenik, and has two kids with him; they separated in January 2019, and their divorce was finalized in June 2020. In August 2023, Scott and Deschanel shared their over-the-moon sweet engagement details on Instagram, with the reality star having popped the question during a romantic trip to Scotland.

The public, who have watched their romance play out on social media, has been eagerly waiting to hear news of their upcoming wedding. When the "Property Brothers" star's twin brother, Drew Scott, married his wife Linda Phan in May 2018 in a massive event in Italy, their nuptials were filmed, and aired during a special episode of the hit HGTV show. But based on an interview Deschanel and Scott gave on June 7, 2024, the same thing won't be happening with their nuptials. Despite sharing much of their relationship thus far, the celebrity couple doesn't plan on having cameras at their special day.

The couple's wedding won't be on any Property Brothers TV shows

Jonathon Scott's biggest worry surrounding his wedding to Zooey Deschanel has nothing to do with embarrassing himself on camera since the celebrity couple won't be filming their nuptials. Details have been sporadic thus far, with Deschanel and Scott offering only occasional updates. What we do know for sure, though, is that it will be a private event. The couple appeared together on the red carpet at the Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7, 2024. Deschanel was nominated for her cooking show "What Am I Eating? with Zooey Deschanel" and both she and Scott also presented awards on stage.

ET stopped the stars to ask about their wedding plans, with the "New Girl" star confirming that it was happening later rather than sooner, and it's going to be super fancy. But when posed with the question, "Will cameras be invited?" Scott shook his head back and forth, while Deschanel agreed, allowing only, "My dad can take pictures." During a visit to the "The Kelly Clarkson Show" days earlier, on June 4, the HGTV star admitted that he and his fiancée had yet to do any official planning, noting simply that, "We're going to keep it nice and intimate [...] We just want to have a kick-ass party with people we love."