What Rachael Ray Looks Like Underneath The Makeup

Since the coronavirus pandemic, Rachael Ray has embraced a more natural appearance, often going without makeup on social media and her television shows. A few months after the quarantine period began, the celebrity chef took to showing her Instagram followers how to make certain meals, often bringing her husband along for the virtual lessons.

Though she could have swiped on some foundation and mascara, Ray opted to let her skin shine through for nearly every one of her digital appearances in 2020 — and she has continued going makeup-free quite often in the years since. Whether she's filming for television or collaborating with organizations to raise money for humanitarian causes, Ray has embraced the natural beauty of dewy skin, a colorful flush, and the subtle sheen of lip balm. The change of preference in her appearance follows years of having her makeup done professionally for TV, inspiring others to go sans cosmetics and feel confident doing so.

Rachael Ray sported a natural look while raising awareness for Ukraine

Rachael Ray appeared fresh-faced and dewy in promotional photos shared to Instagram for a jewelry collection and fundraising campaign in August 2023 to raise money for Ukraine. The campaign images showed the celebrity chef's luminous complexion and rosy cheeks. Ray's lips had a subtle sheen, adding to her healthy, natural appearance, and her eyebrows subtly framed her face above her wire-rim glasses. She stood beside Sebastian DelBrenna, co-owner of DelBrenna Jewelry, holding several pieces from the collection.

Rachael Ray invited viewers into her home life with a fresh face

In September 2022, Rachael Ray shared a promotional trailer for the premiere of "The Rachael Ray Show" on Instagram. In the video, the celebrity chef was joined by her husband John Cusimano, who stood beside her in the kitchen of their home in Tuscany, Italy. Ray's face was radiant and makeup-free, showing off her even complexion and sun-kissed cheeks. Her lips also displayed a luminous shine, adding to her summer glow.

Rachael Ray donned a carefree look during pad Thai lessons

During an episode of "30 Minute Meals" in March 2021, Rachael Ray taught viewers how to make a homemade version of takeout pad Thai. The celebrity chef appeared sans makeup for the episode, and the lack of product on her face showed off her glowing, slightly flushed cheeks. Ray's natural peach-hued blush complimented her bare olive-toned skin.

Rachael Ray went sans cosmetics in the kitchen with her husband

During an episode of "30 Minute Meals" in January 2021, Rachael Ray and her husband bustled around the kitchen preparing two different dishes the same way. The celebrity chef sported a makeup-free complexion, showing off her radiant and even-toned skin and a pretty orange-toned flush on the apples of her cheeks. Ray's naturally thick eyebrows framed her face while emphasizing the color of her mascara-free eyes.

Rachael Ray glowed while whipping up a bowl of ramen

In November 2020, Rachael Ray embraced her natural appearance while showing viewers of "30 Minute Meals" how to make chicken ramen at home. The episode saw the celebrity chef navigate her kitchen without a lick of makeup, but her glowing complexion indicated she takes great care of her skin. Ray's face was luminous all over and a peachy flush coated her cheeks. Her lips were just as hydrated as the rest of her skin, suggesting she was wearing lip balm.

Rachael Ray loves recording 30 Minute Meals sans makeup

Clearly comfortable without wearing makeup on national television, Rachael Ray filmed an October 2020 episode of "30 Minute Meals" with her radiant skin on full display. While showing viewers how to make schnitzel, the celebrity chef had natural color in her cheeks, and her eyebrows framed her otherwise bare visage. 

Rachael Ray had a makeup-free date night at home

Earlier in October 2020, Rachael Ray walked her viewers of "30 Minute Meals" through the steps to create a Japanese-inspired date night at home. Her husband joined her for the romantic affair, and rather than get gussied up with nowhere to go, Ray opted for a fresh-faced appearance, feeling comfortable in her luminous skin. As usual, the talk show host's complexion was even-toned, save for the flushed color across her cheeks.

The celebrity chef went bare-faced while hosting The Rachael Ray Show online

During the coronavirus pandemic, Rachael Ray and John Cusimano brought viewers into their home for "The Rachael Ray Show." The talk show launched the virtual format in September 2020, and for the episode, Ray joined other people around the world who had foregone makeup at the time. In a shot from the show shared on Instagram, the celebrity chef looked radiant with her signature flush coloring her cheeks.

Rachael Ray's spaghetti is as good as her skincare

The same week she returned for "The Rachael Ray Show," the celebrity chef also celebrated the new season premiere of "30 Minute Meals" in September 2020. While making a tomato and basil pasta dish, Rachael Ray displayed a laidback appearance without makeup in her two television programs for the rest of the year.

Rachael Ray encouraged Cooking Camp participants, cosmetics-free

In an effort to bring people together while being forced apart by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachael Ray launched a virtual cooking camp. In an Instagram video encouraging participants and thanking sponsors, the celebrity chef embraced her natural appearance. She didn't wear makeup, but her plump, dewy skin suggested she applied an intensely hydrating moisturizer. Ray's flushed cheeks brought color to her face, displaying a charming rosy hue.

Rachael Ray celebrated her anniversary with a low-key look

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Rachael Ray and John Cusimano recreated the first dish they ever bonded over — and they filmed it for Ray's Instagram audience. In the July 2020 video, the talk show host's skin was bronzed and glowing, suggesting she was enjoying time spent outdoors that summer. Her cheeks and forehead also looked slightly sunburnt, washing a rosy hue across her face.

No makeup needed for Rachael Ray during hubby and puppy cuddles

Rachael Ray gave her Instagram audience an inside look at the final day of "The Rachael Ray Show" in June 2020, which featured her adorable puppy, Bella Boo Blue. In the Instagram photo shared by the celebrity chef, she wore a beaming smile — and not a lick of makeup — while holding the pup. Her husband John Cusimano stood beside her, smiling just as enthusiastically at their furry friend. Ray's cheeks were flushed with a happy wash of color, emphasizing her joyful feelings toward Bella.

Rachael Ray kept it casual while bringing home-cooking content to viewers

In June 2020, Rachael Ray showed her Instagram audience how to make spicy soppressata pizza while quarantining at home. She was barefaced for the impromptu tutorial on Instagram, and her skin looked exceptionally radiant. A warm rose flush colored Ray's cheeks, nose, and chin, bringing a lovely, soft look to her visage. The celebrity chef's lips had a subtle sheen that mirrored the one on her skin, likely from lip balm.