What Jelly Roll's Wife, Bunnie XO, Looks Like Without Makeup

Bunnie XO, host of the "Dumb Blonde" podcast and wife of country singer-songwriter Jelly Roll, is certainly not one to shy away from a full face of makeup and an eye-catching ensemble. Though she married the "Save Me" singer in 2016, the couple didn't make their red carpet debut until the 2022 CMA Awards — but wow, was it a debut for the books. At the event, she rocked a Barbie-inspired gown and a fierce smokey eye. Bunnie XO has since accompanied Jelly Roll at many high-profile events, and she's worn very bombshell-esque makeup looks each time. That said, she's also not shy about rocking a makeup-free face on social media as well. And we don't mean the "clean-girl" beauty trend that's taken over TikTok. We're talking totally bare-faced looks. 

Though the podcast host goes sans cosmetics every now and then on Instagram, she made a revelation about how she felt about going makeup-free in an October 2019 Facebook post. "Hell, I didn't even let Jelly see me without makeup for an entire year when we first got together," Bunnie XO wrote. But over time, she's embraced skipping makeup from time to time and inspired others to do the same. She may be a celebrity who is unrecognizable without makeup, but that's not to say she doesn't look gorgeous without a full beat. If there's one thing to know about Jelly Roll's wife, Bunnie XO, it's that she's going to look glam no matter what.

Making makeup-free memes with her family

Bunnie XO frequently posts memes on her Instagram account, often getting her husband Jelly Roll and stepdaughter Bailee Ann in on the comedic content. In June 2024, the podcast host shared a Reel joking about Jelly Roll playing referee when she and Bailee Ann are both PMSing, and she kept her appearance casual for the funny bit. Bunnie XO's makeup-free face was gorgeous and radiant; it seems safe to assume she doesn't cut corners when it comes to skincare. 

She appeared to be wearing lip balm, as her lips looked as plump and moisturized as the rest of her skin. She also wore thick black glasses, and her eyes were framed by structured brows that appeared to be microbladed but without additional brow product. Her long blond mane was tossed up in a messy bun, and she wore a black sports bra, skull-printed leggings, and a black graphic zip-up hoodie.

Keeping it real in a Reel like only Bunnie XO can

In May 2024, Bunnie XO shared another humorous Instagram Reel about her experience parenting a teenage girl. While she and her stepdaughter acted out the skit, the "Dumb Blonde" show host appeared barefaced. Bunnie XO's skin was bronzed and luminous, and her face looked exceptionally moisturized. Her lips appeared super hydrated as well, bringing out a fresh pink coloring that matched the slight flush in her cheeks. The podcaster's eyes were free of mascara or other products, and she wore her black glasses again. Bunnie XO's eyebrows were full and well-groomed yet natural, hinting that she likely receives regular microblading treatments based on her makeup-free appearance in her other 2024 Reels.

Bunnie XO's hair and clothing were just as laid back as her cosmetics-free facade. Her blond tresses were tied in a messy bun, and her outfit included a slouchy black long-sleeve shirt and black leggings.

Posting parenting problems with skincare on point

Another May 2024 Instagram Reel captured Bunnie XO hilariously calling out her stepdaughter Bailee Ann for sneaking out of the house with a friend in the middle of the night and getting caught on security footage. Jokingly captioned, "Grounded for life," the podcast host set the video to "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance and appeared on camera slowly shaking her head before showing a chagrined Bailee Ann and clips from their security cameras. 

Dressed in what appears to be her standard at-home ensemble, Bunnie XO wore a black, off-the-shoulder long sleeve shirt and her black-framed glasses. Her blond mane was again bound in a messy bun, and her bare skin looked plump and hydrated as usual. The "Dumb Blonde" host appeared to have spent some time outdoors, as a rosy flush sat high on the apples of her cheeks, giving her a pretty sun-kissed appearance.

Cosmetics-free while clapping back at haters

In May 2024, Bunnie XO addressed the speculation regarding whether or not she edits her content to enhance her appearance. On Instagram, she shared a video she took while posing by the pool in a bikini and wrote, "Here ya go guys, A completely raw unedited video without my waist snatched or my arms like I'm being accused of." The podcast host followed this up with a tongue-in-cheek video to poke fun at the comments. 

The Reel, which had a filter that distorted Bunnie XO's waist, captured her walking into a room in a periwinkle sports bra and black leggings. The "Dumb Blonde" host's low-key look included her signature at-home messy bun and black glasses. Her skin was makeup-free, even-toned, and super radiant. In the clip, she rubbed her torso dramatically and said, "This is hard work, baby. You too can achieve it. I will teach you how to do it with my fitness plan, Photoshop, for free ninety-nine, baby. It's on sale right now — get you a waist like this." In that same post, Bunnie XO wrote, "When some weirdo tries to 'expose' you for snatching your waist in a pic."

She didn't need a stitch of makeup to fire back at Bill Maher

Jelly Roll has transformed into a full-fledged music star with legions of fans. He also has his haters. After Bill Maher called Jelly Roll "sloppy, complicated, and contradictory" on a March 2024 episode of "Real Time," Bunnie XO took to Instagram to clap back at the entertainer. In her video, the "Dumb Blonde" host was dressed down in black leggings, a gray sports bra, an oversized blue buffalo-check flannel, and her black glasses. Her long hair sat high on her crown in a messy bun, and her glowing skin was free of makeup — though her cheeks looked a little more flushed than usual. 

In the post, Bunnie XO shared a clip of a "Dumb Blonde" episode featuring Shanna Moakler. In the snippet, Moakler revealed that Kato Kaelin once asked if she'd accompany Maher to a film premiere, and she agreed to go. After the screening, Moakler claimed Maher touched her leg on their way to an afterparty, much to her displeasure. At the party, Moakler turned down Maher's invitation to sit by him. Moakler claimed that, when they left the party, Maher got upset with her. According to Moakler, he said, "I just want to let you know that you're one of the most disrespectful young women I've ever met in my entire life." When she tried to interject, Maher shushed her. After the clip played, Bunnie XO added, "I guess you're right — we are sloppy, complicated, and contradictory, Bill."

Bunnie XO keeps it silly sans makeup with her dog

In December 2023, Bunnie XO made an Instagram Reel with her bulldog Chachi. As she ate a plate of spaghetti, the podcast host had a little fun with her pup. Throughout the clip, she cut to Chachi staring up at her while she ate a plate of spaghetti, clearly waiting for her to either drop some food or willingly give him some. While sitting at the table enjoying her meal — despite Chachi's hilariously prying eyes — Bunnie XO let her radiant skin shine. 

Her platinum locks were piled atop her head as usual, and her luminous, makeup-free skin caught the light on the high points of her face. Bunnie XO's microbladed eyebrows and black glasses framed her face, and she looked cozy in a slightly oversized black long-sleeve shirt. (And no, Chachi didn't win the battle of the wills; Bunnie XO kept the pasta off the floor and away from the pooch.)

Meme-ifying her gamer husband makeup-free

According to Bunnie XO, Jelly Roll is a gamer husband, and she shared her thoughts on the time-consuming hobby in a hilarious and suggestive December 2023 Instagram Reel. While the country singer sat at a desk with a headset on and a controller in his hands, the podcast host walked over to him and sat on his lap. Bunnie XO held two phones, one of which she raised to her ear and the other she lowered to her husband's groin. The clip features a snippet from Adele's "Hello": Bunnie XO "answered" the phone with "Hello, it's me / I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet."

Jelly Roll side-eyed her and shook his head before returning his attention to his game. The couple wore matching black leisurewear, and the "Dumb Blonde" podcast host donned her signature black glasses, messy bun, and bare face.

Fresh skin while promoting her fitness line

Bunnie XO launched a fitness apparel line in May 2023, and she promoted a pair of leggings from the collection on her Instagram when she announced the venture. The podcaster posted a short Reel to show off the fit of the bottoms, which were high-waisted, slate-colored leggings with booty scrunch stitching. 

Her outfit included a cropped white racerback tank, a cheetah print bra, and a black and white trucker hat. Bunnie XO also wore silver hoop earrings and her chunky black glasses. Her blond mane was tied back in a low messy bun, and her skin was clear and free of cosmetics. Bunnie XO's complexion wasn't quite as tan as usual, instead appearing a light peach while her soft flush was a more pink-toned peach hue. The "Dumb Blonde" host's plump lips matched the color of her cheeks, and her makeup-free eyes enhanced her fresh-faced appearance.

Bunnie XO feels sexy in her skin

Bunnie XO is no stranger to showing off her body on her social media accounts, and this November 2022 Instagram post is no exception. The "Dumb Blonde" podcast host kneeled on a white couch while wearing red and white cotton shorts and a white ribbed t-shirt. Her blond tresses hung loose around her face, which was makeup-free. Bunnie XO's complexion was clear and slightly rosy, and her skin was more matte than dewy. Her eyebrows were groomed and structured as usual, and her eyes were free of fresh product but looked like there may have been a little leftover mascara smudged along her lower lash line. Bunnie XO's lips were plump and pink but shine-free, suggesting she was sans lip balm for the candid photo.

Bunnie XO did doctor the image, but it's not what you think. Near the bottom of the snap, her feet are on display, albeit obscured. "What a world we live in where I have to blur my feet out instead of my cheeks, 'cause some of y'all are mad creepy w/ the foot fetishes," she quipped. "No freebies here my guy."

Bunnie XO's makeup-free motto for 2022

In January 2022, Bunnie XO posted a photo on Instagram of herself looking casual and fresh-faced while kneeling on her bedroom floor. "Apparently 2022 is about no makeup, band tees, messy hair & folding laundry," she wrote. In the photo, Bunnie XO wore gray underwear and a gray My Chemical Romance T-shirt. 

Her complexion was peach-toned, matte, and free of blemishes and hyperpigmentation, once again leading us to suspect she's a master of skincare. The "Dumb Blonde" host had the faintest blush flush on the apples of her cheeks, and her lips were a similar light pink hue. Bunnie XO's eyes were free of product, and the skin below was smooth and bright. As always, the podcaster's eyebrows appeared to be microbladed, lending a full, structured look without any makeup. Her blond mane was pulled into a loose high ponytail that cascaded over her shoulder, and she completed her relaxed look with a cross necklace and dainty earrings.

Bunnie XO keeps her face bare for the gym

In October 2021, Bunnie XO shared another makeup-free photo on Instagram, which gorgeously displayed her complexion's even tone and texture. The way the light hit her face showed off her bone structure and eye shape, and her skin appeared clear and hydrated. The podcast host's nose did look a little rosy, possibly from being chilly. In addition to Bunnie XO's makeup-free appearance, she wore her blond locks in a low messy bun beneath a cheetah print trucker hat. She donned a cropped black zip-up hoodie and cheetah print leggings that complemented her cap, completing her fitness ensemble. 

In the caption, the podcast host noted that her animal print hat and pants were very "Married... with Children." "Kelly or Peggy Bundy? Which one am I?" she wrote. If you ask us, the Peggy vibes in this particular picture are hard to deny.

Bunnie XO is all about the swimsuits and skincare

In April 2020, Bunnie XO posted a barefaced selfie while soaking up some sun in a blue bikini. In the Instagram caption, Jelly Roll's other half wrote, "I haven't worn make up or done my hair in 2 weeks, all you b***es that are dressed up at home — I admire the f**k outta you." The podcaster added, "Im always asked for no makeup pics — here ya gooo." 

Bunnie XO's bronzed and positively glistening complexion, as well as her sun-kissed cheeks and nose, were evidence of her time under the rays. Her skin and lips were luminous, her eyes free of product and framed by her structured brows. The "Dumb Blonde" host sectioned her hair into messy space buns on either side of her head with tendrils hanging loose around her face, and she wore a dainty cross necklace with her swimsuit.