Donald Trump's Answer About How He Handles Personal Pain Is Missing One Glaring Thing

Donald Trump didn't highlight one of his biggest support systems when reflecting on how he navigates criticism and pushback. On June 6, 2024, the former president sat down with Dr. Phil McGraw — whose strange partnership with Trump has everyone throwing out the same insult — for an hour-long interview, conducted at his Mar-a-Lago estate. Throughout their chat, the controversial politician doubled down on his claims of corruption regarding Trump's hush money trial, and in particular Judge Juan Merchan. "I have a gag order from a local judge who was appointed by the Democrat party," he railed (via The Independent). "They're keeping me in this icebox and they've taken away my voice."

The outspoken star even used the interview to spew some conspiracy theories about his successor, President Joe Biden, supposedly being controlled by "very evil forces," (via The Mirror). While he mainly focused on Trump's many legal and political woes, McGraw attempted to get a deeper look into "The Apprentice" alum's psyche at one point by bringing up his mental health. However, when asked about the recent string of stresses Trump has faced, the former president kept it resolutely surface level, refraining from mentioning some of his biggest cheerleaders — his family — as his support system.

Donald Trump didn't mention the support of his family when discussing managing his stress

During Donald Trump and Dr. Phil McGraw's eyebrow-raising interview, in which the former president's take on how Melania's faring notably spoke volumes about their loveless marriage, the host asked the recently convicted felon how Trump deals with the various blows he's taken publicly. "You've been criticized, attacked, called every name in the book, they've turned the judicial system, intelligence community, media, and the internet against you. How do you deal with that stress?" McGraw inquired (via X, formerly known as Twitter). In response, Trump listed two examples that helped him endure media coverage of his high profile scandals: "Number one, I don't like thinking about it — out of sight, out of mind. [...] Number two, I have tremendous support, I have the people's support."

While the former president singled out the polls, his supporters, and conservative media correspondents for helping him get through stressful times, Trump surprisingly failed to acknowledged his dedicated family members. Since wading into politics in 2016, the extended clan has been vocal about their support of the former reality star, especially his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. In fact, insiders informed Axios that the brothers are so devoted to their beloved dad that they've been instrumental in assisting with preparations for Donald's second presidential term, provided he's victorious in November as they hope. As such, it's very odd Donald didn't praise his family members.