How Tarek El Moussa's Daughter Taylor Gets Along With Stepmom Heather

In April 2024, the stunningly transformed Heather Rae El Moussa raised eyebrows with a family-centered Instagram post that didn't include her stepdaughter Taylor. The series of photos, which featured Heather, Tarek El Moussa, her stepson Brayden, and her son Tristan, were posted as an advertisement for a men's apparel brand. "Starting Father's Day early with the whole family dressed in @psychobunny," she wrote.

It was the unfortunate wording of the caption that followers took issue with, pointing out that the pictures of the "whole family" excluded Taylor. This isn't the first time something like this has happened, as fans similarly took issue with a Valentine's Day post that Heather dedicated to her husband and sons in February of the same year. "What about Taylor?" one user commented on the V-day post. "If I was her reading this I would be feeling excluded!"

Despite online speculation about Heather's relationship with Tarek's children, Taylor has only ever had positive things to say about her stepmom. "She's the best," she said back in 2021. "I love hanging out with her" (per People). While things might appear uncertain from the outside looking in, the duo seem to share a confidence in their connection.

What Taylor has had to say about her stepmom

When Heather Rae El Moussa married Tarek El Moussa back in 2021, the "Selling Sunset" star became an official stepmom to the two children from Tarek's relationship with fellow HGTV host Christina Hall. Though the wedding cemented Heather as part of the family, Tarek's daughter Taylor revealed she felt a strong connection to her stepmom from the beginning.

"When I first met Heather, I felt this bond with her," the then-10-year-old shared on an episode of "Tarek's Flip Side" on Discovery+. "She's so nice. She does all this kind stuff" (per People). Tarek went on to explain that Heather and Taylor disagreed about his facial hair, with his partner liking his beard while his daughter prefers him clean-shaven. The HGTV star joked that there was a "battle in the house" over the beard, but the lighthearted disagreement hasn't gotten in the way of the two's bond.

At Heather's baby shower, which was shown in Season 6, Episode 10 of "Selling Sunset," Taylor had some heartwarming things to say about her stepmom. "I've known you for four years now," the young El Moussa said in a speech. "I just want to say you're the best mom ever, and I couldn't have asked for anyone else" (per ET). After expressing her anticipation for the new baby, Taylor added that her dad was "lucky" and joked, "You're way out of his league."

Heather has opened up about her relationship with her Taylor

Taylor El Moussa has said many favorable things about her stepmom, which puts Heather Rae El Moussa's defenses of their relationship in a positive light. Following her controversial Valentine's Day post, the former model shared a photo of her and Taylor hugging to her Instagram Story. "We close our ears to the pettiness," Heather wrote, seemingly alluding to the online critics. "We strive for positivity only. My girl knows she's my #1 gal" (per People).

When talking with Us Weekly in June 2023, the "Selling Sunset" star explained that her connection with her stepchildren is often misunderstood. "People don't understand my relationship with Taylor and Brayden. It's OK," she said. "I know my strong relationship with them and how much we love each other, and I know what a devoted stepmom I am, and that's all that matters."

Heather also commented on Taylor's baby shower speech, reiterating the strength of their relationship and how much the kind words meant to her. "I've had a strong relationship with her since she was 8 years old," she said. "So, to hear her say that — it just makes me so happy and melts my heart that she looks at me like that." Instagram drama aside, it's clear that Heather and Taylor have lots of love for one another.