Details About Hallmark Star Katie Cassidy's Divorce From Matthew Rodgers

As great as Katie Cassidy's acting career is, she's had some issues in her personal life; particularly her marriage to Matthew Rodgers. According to a December 2018 report by E! News, things started off blissfully for the couple. The outlet reported on their wedding, citing a now-defunct Instagram post by Cassidy that stated, "I can't help falling in love with you. YES! It's official! #MrsRodgers I love you my husband." 

However, on January 8, 2020, Cassidy made an enigmatic post on Instagram, sharing an image of a hummingbird with the text, "You're going to be happy, said life, but first, I'll make you strong," over it. That same day, TMZ cited Los Angeles Superior Court records that confirmed she filed for divorce from Rodgers, with "irreconcilable differences" being the official explanation.

The daughter of legendary pop star David Cassidy — who rose to fame as part of "The Partridge Family" — finalized her divorce in March 2021. The court documents also explained that Cassidy and Rodgers were actually married in December 2017 — mere weeks after David died. Entertainment Tonight had previously confirmed that the two eloped in Mauritius, with the full ceremony, complete with their loved ones, occurring in 2018.

Cassidy has moved on from her old life

Katie Cassidy became a fan favorite when she played Laurel Lance, aka The Black Canary, on the DC series "Arrow" from 2012 to 2020. In 2023, she couldn't wait to star in her first Hallmark film, "A Royal Christmas Crush," further building her fan base. She had a great time on that project, telling Just Jared, "It was lovely. I had a wonderful experience, and I hope to do more." However, the years in between these projects were more difficult for Cassidy.

After she and Matthew Rodgers split, all posts about them on Instagram were deleted. Cassidy attended the Taste of the Future Luncheon on March 24, 2022, where she told People that she had no recourse but to continue forward. After living for a couple of years in Vancouver due to her television obligations, she explained, "[In] January 2020, I moved back to L.A., filed for divorce, and then we were all in lockdown for like a year. L.A. is where I was raised, it's where I live, and so I didn't have a choice. I was like, 'Okay, got to pick yourself up by your bootstraps sometimes.'"

Cassidy has since moved on with a fresh relationship. In May 2024, she revealed to Us Weekly, "I think I'm certainly more open to something, whether it be now or in the near future, with this person, but I certainly didn't ever think that I could say that again."

She's been seeing Stephen Huszar

Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar met when they co-starred in Hallmark's "A Royal Christmas Crush," but didn't publicly reveal their real-life romance until the film was about to premiere. In June 2023, Cassidy posted a selfie of her and Huszar enjoying a bright, sunny day, on Instagram, captioning it, "Welp, cats out of the bag... Happy Monday!" Continuing her discussion with Us Weekly, Cassidy explained professionalism was their reason for keeping quiet. Thrilled with her newfound love, she remarked, "It's been amazing when you meet somebody, and it just sort of makes sense. You didn't ever think it would or weren't necessarily looking for it, and then it sort of happened."

In an interview by Entertainment Tonight from July 2023, Cassidy explained that the two weren't familiar with each other's repertoire, which was refreshing. She also bonded with Huszar over crystals, explaining, "I think we went for lunch or something, and I noticed his crystals. I love crystals. And we started bonding over spirituality, and I started to get to know the real Stephen."

Their relationship has moved forward, as evidenced by her January 2024 posting of several snaps of the lovey dovey couple. She wrote, "Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, warm hearted person I've ever met. You are such a light!" She went on to explain how thankful she was that he was in her life, and looked toward the future with happiness and hope.