Kimberly Guilfoyle's Switch From Mini-Dress To Morticia Vibe Proves She Cannot Read The Room

One side effect of the rise of social media is that everyone fancies themself a fashion critic. Every awards show and red carpet brings a new chance to scrutinize the rich and famous for their (sometimes laughable) outfit choices. Political figures are open game, too, such as Kimberly Guilfoyle and her slew of inappropriate outfits. It seems that she's not great at reading the room like when she wore two drastically different, out-of-place outfits during an international trip.

On June 1, Guilfoyle and her fiance Donald Trump Jr. were guests at the inauguration of El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele. For the event, Guilfoyle wore a sleeveless white minidress with beads adorning the collar and bodice. It didn't quite fit with the other dresses in attendance, and critics did not mince words about it. When Guilfoyle posted a video from the inauguration on X, formerly known as Twitter, one person replied, "ask [Melania Trump] for some fashion education. stop wearing mini dresses & hair extensions like a teen."

Referring to the First Lady of El Salvador Gabriela de Bukele, another critic said, "See if you can buy Gabriela's dress. ... And get a new wig hat." The white minidress wasn't the only look from the trip that people roasted on social media.

People thought of horror and Halloween movie characters with Guilfoyle's other look

The day after the inauguration, Ron Filipkowski from MeidasTouch Network shared a photo on X from Kimberly Guilfoyle's El Salvador trip that was originally shared by Delanie Flynn on Instagram. Guilfoyle was photographed at an evening event in a floor-length seemingly tan gown with black, lace-like detailing overtop. Either the dress had large, furry black sleeves, or she had a furry black jacket draped over her shoulders. This look was also mocked, just like Guilfoyle's mini-dress. Referencing the iconic matriarch of "The Addams Family," one person said, "Morticia is jealous. It seems to always be Halloween for this crew."

Other commenters referenced vampires and the kitschy horror icon, Elvira, famously played by actor Cassandra Peterson. "K-Mart Elvira," an X user quipped about Guilfoyle. Being compared to a discount version of campy horror staples is probably not the vibe Guilfoyle was going for while visiting a foreign dignitary and attending his inauguration.

Another critic of her goth-like outfit referenced how Kimberly Guilfoyle's looks have drastically changed since her marriage to Gavin Newsom. "She's become a grotesque caricature of herself," they wrote. Negative responses to her fashion sense are nothing new, though. When Guilfoyle wore her shortest dress yet, ruthless critics had lots to say at the time.