Does The Royal Family Watch Reality TV? Some Royals Have Been Stars Themselves

Even royals find themselves drawn to reality TV. It's been reported many of them enjoy "Strictly Come Dancing," the dancing competition show that inspired "Dancing With the Stars." Princess Anne — daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth II — may want to compete. Nadiya Bychkova, one of the professional dancers from the show, told The Sun in 2024, "I met [Anne] at a ballet event. She is a 'Strictly' fan, and she wants to go on the show — she told me. She did say that. I think she would be good — there's a lot of personality there, isn't there?" Bychkova also talked about the royal family being fans of the show.

Queen Camilla is also a fan of the show, although it seems she has yet to express interest in being on it. Even if no royals become contestants, there have been talks of an episode potentially being filmed at Buckingham Palace one day due to their love of the program.

Anne's daughter, Zara Tindall, was almost on "Strictly Come Dancing" in 2008. She was set to join the show as a contestant, but according to an insider for the Sunday Mirror, "The Queen may have something to say about Zara appearing on a live TV show every Saturday. Many in royal circles will find it inappropriate" (via Telegraph). It never happened; Tindall was only credited as "Self — Audience Member" for one episode. But she and her husband appeared elsewhere on reality TV.

Zara and Mike Tindall drove racecars on one show

In an interview with the British Airways' Business Life magazine from 2012, Zara Tindall spoke about her and her then-boyfriend Mike Tindall's TV habits, saying, "We normally stay at home in the evening during the week. We watch telly and just chill out" (via Mirror). She also mentioned her "Strictly Come Dancing" love, but in 2019, Zara and Mike appeared on something more pedal-to-the-metal: "Top Gear." Their appearance was the first time royals were on the show. In a clip from the episode showing Zara driving her and Mike around a racetrack, Mike brought up her driving habits while running errands and quipped, "Let's go! Come on! I've seen you drive faster to Waitrose!"

At another point in the episode, Zara gave the scoop on Mike's listening habits: "He loves a musical!" (via People). In addition to fast-paced car racing, Mike has braved a ski slope on "The Jump" and shared his survivalist skills in Australia on "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" On the latter show, Mike divulged an embarrassing moment he had in front of his mother-in-law, Princess Anne, which involved a ripped suit and underwear with a cheeky message printed on it.

Mike was eventually eliminated from "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" and placed fourth overall. He and Zara had a sweet reunion. He was heard saying, "I've missed you so much."

Charles has shared his love of crafts on TV

Even King Charles III has made reality TV appearances. He was on two episodes of the show "Countryfile" and on an episode of "The Repair Shop." Charles also appeared on "The Prince's Master Crafters: The Next Generation" as a judge, although no contestants were eliminated. Instead, it was a celebration of various craft mediums, such as wood carving and weaving. A fan of the arts, Charles said, "The urge to make something is such a centering process" (via Daily Mail).

Charles' stint on "The Repair Shop" allowed him to showcase his love of crafting as well. That special was meant to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the BBC and aired in October 2022, and was filmed back when he was still Prince Charles. Charles brought two antiques to be repaired. In a clip from the show, host Jay Blades said, "It's been a real honor to restore these items for a man who loves traditional heritage crafts as much as we do."

However, not everyone loves their time on reality TV. Before she met Prince Harry, Meghan Markle appeared on a reality game show and didn't enjoy it. In an interview on Meghan's "Archetypes" podcast from 2022, she told Paris Hilton the relatable reason she quit being a "briefcase girl" on "Deal or No Deal" — because it was only about physical appearance and nothing more.