Prince George Is The Spitting Image Of Dad William During Rare Outing Amid Kate's Cancer Battle

Catherine, Princess of Wales' absence from the public eye may continue through the rest of the year, but her family is getting back into the swing of life in the spotlight. Just a few weeks after William, Prince of Wales took his first solo trip since Kate's diagnosis, William attended the FA Cup final with his little twin. On May 25, William and his oldest son, 10-year-old Prince George, headed to Wembley Stadium in London to watch the pivotal soccer game between Manchester City and Manchester United. Not only was it nice for fans to see this father-son duo together, but it was easy to see that George is growing up to be just like his dad.

The soccer match marked the second time that 41-year-old William was seen with George since Kate announced her cancer diagnosis. The first time was another soccer game, the UEFA Europa Conference League Quarter-final in April. Along with his siblings, 8-year-old Princess Charlotte and 5-year-old Prince Louis, George has been out of the limelight amidst his mom's illness. Through June 3, the children are on a break from school, and William clearly prioritized some surely much-needed father-son bonding time during George's vacation. At their outing, William and George perfectly coordinated their outfits, each wearing a navy suit, crisp white shirt, and navy and white striped tie. But, besides their matching attire, George is clearly his father's son. They were photographed standing alike, and George is evidently taking after his dad's love of the game.

Soccer is giving William and George some much-needed fun

Fans of the royal family have surely had the Prince and Princess of Wales' three children in their thoughts over the past few months. Despite Kate Middleton's clear attempt to protect her children from the rumors surrounding her diagnosis and her desire to keep them calm during a difficult period, it's safe to assume that this has been a scary time for the whole clan. For this reason, it's refreshing to see Prince William and Prince George having fun together. William is the president of the Football Association, and an avid Aston Villa fan. Being able to shift some of his focus to the sport he loves during his family's difficult time has been helpful. A source close to the royals told People that William "has been hugely buoyed by the results of Aston Villa," noting that "You shouldn't overlook the importance of soccer in these moments."

For a soccer fan, enjoying the sport is a great way to take your mind off of things. It's also clearly a means for William and George to bond, since the two times we've seen the pair together over the past few months have both been at soccer games. After the initial game William and George attended together this year, sports writer, Neil Moxley, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and said that he asked William, "Is George now part of the pride?" to which he responded, "Oh yes, he's loving it."