Body Language Expert Tells Us All About Matt Damon's Chemistry With Wife Luciana

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso have been living out their happily ever after as a married couple in Hollywood. The two met in 2003, when Damon was on location filming a movie in South Beach, Miami, and reluctantly agreed to grab a drink with friends from the set. His famous face was spotted, and in an effort to avoid an enthusiastic crowd, he ducked behind the bar where Barroso was serving drinks as the bartender. 

Two years later, in December 2005, they tied the knot at New York's City Hall, with Barroso's then-six-year-old daughter, Alexia, in attendance. They renewed their vows in St. Lucia in April 2013, this time surrounded by family and friends, including Alexia and the couple's three daughters together. Jimmy Kimmel, who despite the comical feud existing between Damon and himself, was there as well, and officiated the ceremony. 

Over two decades after first meeting at that bar in Miami, it appears Damon and Barroso are still going strong, and Women Lifestyle spoke exclusively with Nicole Moore, a body language expert and celebrity love advisor, to see whether the happy couple really is that smitten with each other. Moore observed Damon and Barroso in three different scenarios — a private moment, behind the scenes of an event, and on the red carpet. She confirms, "Overall, Matt and Luciana appear to have one of the healthiest celebrity relationships out there."

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso are passionate

While out and about in Los Angeles in September 2015, Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, were caught in a private moment, kissing each other goodbye — and it wasn't just a quick peck on the cheek either. The "Oppenheimer" actor drew his spouse close with his hand on her nape, then gently cupped her face. Body language expert Nicole Moore detailed to Women Lifestyle the intimacy behind the action, noting, "[It's] as if he can't get enough of her." 

After their initial kiss, the couple kept going with a series of mini kisses, one right after the other. Moore observed that while the duo were essentially sipping from each other's lips, their bodies softened into each other, showing just how much they were both into each other and their tiny make-out session. According to Moore, "Their body language here shows that this couple enjoys passionate intimacy."

The devoted attention Damon and Barroso pay to each other in this moment wasn't a one-time thing, either. The actor has consistently shown affection to his wife over the course of their time together. "I would describe their relationship as genuine, closely connected and passionate," says Moore. 

Matt Damon takes care of wife Luciana Barroso

In February 2017, Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California. The two were captured on video outside of the event, surrounded by security guards, trash cans, and metal fencing. As they walked through the area, Damon was preoccupied with his phone and wound up stepping ahead of his wife. When he realized Barroso had stopped and she wasn't beside him, he doubled back to stand with her. 

The two were chatting with each other when the actor suddenly removed his jacket and draped it over the shoulders of his wife, protecting her against the cold. Body language expert Nicole Moore observed Damon's gesture, noting to Women Lifestyle, "His body language here shows that he's so attentive to his wife, even amidst a busy work event, that she doesn't even have to speak her needs out loud for him to notice them." 

As for Barroso, Moore noted she wasn't immune to her husband's gallantry. "Luciana's body language shows that she really loves when Matt is attentive to her needs and she's also very grateful for him," she said, adding that Barroso gave the appearance of a schoolgirl with a crush when she watched him remove his jacket for her. 

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso keep eyes on each other

Matt Damon's film "Downsizing" opened the 74th Venice International Film Festival in August 2017, and he and wife Luciana Barroso walked the red carpet for the event. Before they stepped in front of the crowd, though, the couple paused to talk with other attendees. At one point, Barroso stepped away from her husband to carry on her own conversation. Nicole Moore, a body language pro, told Women Lifestyle that while their temporary separation showed how confident each felt at the big event, it also brought out Damon's protective side.  

"Matt [...] kept glancing over at Luciana while she was conversing, as if to check on her and make sure she's okay," Moore explained. She also noted that Barroso did the same thing with Damon as they made their way down the red carpet. As photographers snapped away, she kept glancing over to connect with and check in on her husband. "They really do appear to put each other first, ahead of the cameras," Moore observed. "Many celebrity couples appear obsessed with getting the perfect pose when in front of the cameras, but Matt and Luciana seem more concerned with each other."

Another reason for the actor's continuous glances? It could be that red gown. "She's just so beautiful," he told "Entertainment Tonight" about their night on the red carpet — and how he was left speechless at the sight of his wife. These two really are a Hollywood happily ever after.