One Of Meghan Markle's Features Kickstarted A Major Plastic Surgery Trend

Meghan Markle has been the subject of plastic surgery speculation for years. Much of the focus has been on her face, with some surgeons believing she had cheek and lip fillers to enhance her beauty. Others are certain the former actor has undergone a rhinoplasty, which has kickstarted a major plastic surgery trend.

While Markle has never admitted to having any cosmetic procedures performed, there seem to be visible changes to her nose. Photos of a young Markle appear to display a slightly wider nose compared to her current appearance. Shortly after getting engaged to Harry in 2017, plastic surgeons began reporting that patients were looking to receive the same slender nose as Markle. 

"It's pretty crazy — people have come asking me for her nose six times in the past week at least," Dr. Philip J. Miller, a Manhattan plastic surgeon, revealed to Moneyish in December 2017 (via New York Post). "But when you have a pretty woman who is thrust into the limelight, she becomes an instant fashion icon." The desire to achieve her looks led several women to spend hefty price tags in order to resemble Markle. 

Women underwent face procedures to get Markle's face

Meghan Markle may not speak about any possible cosmetic work, but her supporters are certainly proud of the ones they've had to look like her. In February 2019, Texas attorney Xochi Greer underwent multiple procedures to achieve Markle's perfect face, particularly her nose. "I think she's a beautiful woman with beautiful features, and, as I'm changing the features that I have, yes, I want those features to more resemble Meghan," Greer shared with ABC News' "Nightline" ahead of her procedures. "See her pretty nose? See how hers has that nice little turn, that nice little button, and mine kind of is long and down? Mine's like a sad nose, and hers is a happy nose." Greer spent upward of $30,000 to undergo several procedures, including rhinoplasty, liposuction, and fat grafting to her buttocks and cheeks.

Another Texas woman named Tanya Ricardo shared with Yahoo in May 2019, that she too wanted the perfect Markle look. She claimed that people told her she resembled Markle, which motivated the compliment seriously. "Now that I had had a couple of surgeries on my face it accentuates her look on me even more," Ricardo told the outlet. While she did not get the signature nose, she did spend roughly $42,000 to undergo chin lipo, lip fillers, fat grafts to her cheeks, and breast augmentation. This phenomenon is a part of the "Markle Sparkle" and it did not stop with surgery.

Women also want their fashions to mimic Markle's

In addition to altering their physical appearance to get Meghan Markle's flawless looks, other admirers sought to mimic her personal style. Many began seeking the clothes she wore. Following her nuptials, which saw Markle wearing two separate gowns, viewers were eager to know more about the Stella McCartney dress, which was one of the best moments from their wedding. Fashion search website Lyst reported a staggering 3,000 percent spike in searches related to McCartney dresses on May 19, 2018, the day she and Harry walked down the aisle. 

One website that closely documents Markle's fashion choices is Meghan's Mirror. Amanda Dishaw, the site's editorial director, spoke to its power in 2019, telling Glamour, "I think the reason that the #MirrorMeg is so powerful is the woman behind it. When women are looking to the Duchess of Sussex for inspiration from a fashion perspective, they're seeing the strong, modern, and self-confident woman that Meghan is."

Markle may not have set out to become a muse for so many. Still, that has not swayed her loyal followers. This has remained true even if it means spending thousands on cosmetic surgeries and high-end garments to achieve the "Markle Sparkle." Fans can only hope this phenomenon is highlighted in her rumored memoir, which is said to be around the corner.