Alina Habba Had A Bold Take On Her Viral Bikini Snap

Donald Trump's controversial attorney Alina Habba has been representing the former president in court as well as on TV. With the increased attention on Habba as a Trump lawyer, a photo of her in a bikini at the pool went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, in January 2024. When asked about the viral response to the bikini photo, Habba had some thoughts for anyone who might be passing judgment on her poolside attire. "I'm 39 years old. I am not dead yet, and I'm most certainly not going to wear a suit to the pool," she told the "Outkick the Morning with Charly Arnolt" podcast. "To anyone who cares to make comments on what I wear, find a life."

Habba was relatively humble about the picture, which showed her with an impressive set of six-pack abs that were more digital than real. "I'm pretty sure that was an edited photo," Habba said. "I looked at it and I was like, 'I don't think I look like that.'" Habba wasn't alone. Some commenters on the post noted that the pic seemed to be altered.

Alina Habba's looks in a bikini don't impact her skills as a lawyer

While the viral bikini photo may have been edited, Alina Habba's appearance has changed since Donald Trump hired her. She switched to full corporate glam with her makeup and hair always looking impeccable. It made a stark contrast to Trump's courtroom look. While he's always dressed in a suit and tie, Trump hasn't looked his best during his hush money trial.

Since Habba is Trump's lawyer, a lot of what's written about her connects to politics. That included the picture of her in a bikini. The Trump supporter who posted the pic on X, wrote, "This is Trump's Lawyer[.] Eat your heart out Biden."

A number of people didn't seem impressed by the use of Habba in a bikini as proof of either her skills as a lawyer or how that made her and Trump better than President Joe Biden. "Since court rooms generally expect swimwear during proceedings, how she looks half dressed is critically important to determine her ability and competence," one person sarcastically posted. Another user wrote, "Yeah whenever I'm choosing a lawyer it's always important to know they look good in a bikini really helps your case."

Alina Habba knows the privilege she gets with her looks

As the bikini photo went viral, some commenters seemed to think that having an attractive lawyer like Alina Habba could have a negative impact on Donald Trump's marriage to Melania. While others noted that Biden doesn't need a lawyer because he's not facing several indictments.

However, Habba has been open about the value that she places on her looks, and she seems self-aware about her appearence. On an episode of the PBD Podcast, she said, "I don't think I'd be on TV or sitting here if I didn't look the way I look. I think I caught attention, I'm very honest about that, I don't mind." She also said that someone once asked if she'd prefer to be pretty or smart, and she said, "Pretty. I can fake being smart."

All in all, Habba seems resigned to the fact that people might judge her negatively for how she looks, but she's taken the chatter in stride and just kept on doing her own thing.