What Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Twins Sir And Rumi Carter Look Like Now

If there's one thing we know about Beyoncé and Jay-Z, it's that they rarely share photos of their children, which started with their eldest, Blue Ivy Carter. Now, the same applies for their twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, born on June 13, 2017. Thanks to the occasional glimpse, however, the public knows just how their appearance has changed from birth to 2024.

Throughout the years, Rumi and Sir have been spotted in photos and videos, but they didn't come from paparazzi, which says a lot about how masterful Beyoncé and Jay-Z are when it comes to keeping their children's lives private. Beyoncé once spoke about keeping her personal life away from the spotlight in a 2021 interview with Harper's Bazaar, and although she didn't speak about her children specifically, her words offered insight into why she chooses not to show her kids in public that much.

"I've fought to protect my sanity and my privacy because the quality of my life depended on it," she explained. "A lot of who I am is reserved for the people I love and trust." But as it usually goes with celebrity kids, the more hidden they are from the public, the more people want to see them. Heck, there are some famous people who are so private with their children, the public doesn't even know they exist. So, let's take a look at how Rumi and Sir have changed over the years, including what they look like now.

The twins co-starred in their mom's Ivy Park ad

When Rumi and Sir Carter were just 3 years old, Beyoncé incorporated them into "Black Is King," the musical film that accompanied her 2019 soundtrack album, "The Lion King: The Gift. Then, when Beyoncé was rolling out a kids clothing line under her Ivy Park label in 2021, she included all three of her children in the ad. Rumi and Sir were 4 years old by then, while 9-and-a-half-year-old Blue Ivy also made an appearance. Just like their mom, Rumi — and Blue! — can be seen dressed in a black and white houndstooth outfit. 

The ad also serves as another example of how stylish she and her brother are — and how Beyoncé likes to dress the entire family in matching clothes, which she talked about during a 2021 interview with Harper's Bazaar. "On our family vacations, we love to coordinate our outfits," Beyoncé explained. "My kids are usually on set with me for shoots, and we'd find ourselves putting them in extra-extra-smalls so we could match." 

Then in November 2022, 5-year-old Rumi and Sir joined the rest of the Carter clan in a seemingly belated Halloween photo (above) that showed them dressed as Disney's "The Proud Family." The twins dressed as the characters BeBe and CeCe, as a much taller Rumi reaches up to Jay-Z's face, and Sir, who also grew considerably, stands next to his mother.

Rumi and Sir appeared in Beyoncé's 2023 concert film

Not every child can say they were in a film at 6 years old, but Rumi and Sir Carter can. They were seen in the trailer for their mom's 2023 flick, "Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé." In one scene, the singer plants a kiss on her son, as he's dressed to the nines in a shiny, silver suit. Of course, any signs of him being a baby or toddler are gone, and instead, he seems like any other little boy who adores his mom. For her part, Rumi can be seen sporting the same suit as she walks backstage with Beyoncé.

Before that trailer was released, people saw Rumi support her older sister, Blue Ivy, performing on her mother's Renaissance Tour. Rumi was holding a sign at the time (below), which read, "We Love You Blue!" Rumi was moving and grooving to the music, which people on social media totally ate up.

But Beyoncé's youngest daughter appears to have many interests; it's possible she's also into sports — at least American football — because her father Jay-Z brought her to Super Bowl LVIII in February 2024. She was 6 years old at the time and a 12-year-old Blue Ivy also attended. Rumi donned a black Givenchy jacket, but Sir was nowhere in sight, further emphasizing the fact that he isn't seen in public as much as his twin sister.