Kimberly Guilfoyle's Coquette Callback At Veterans Event Is Woefully Out Of Place

Kimberly Guilfoyle has plenty of public events to attend as a TV personality and the fiancée of Donald Trump Jr. Unfortunately, Guilfoyle often doesn't know how to dress the part for every event, and consequently, she has gotten plenty of negative feedback for a myriad of inappropriate outfits. Well, the repeat fashion offender has done it again. The red, glitzy heart-adorned mini dress she sported to a recent veterans' event left her looking overly flashy, out of place, and dressed all wrong for the occasion. 

The coquette trend, which revolves around extra feminine details like bows, florals, and ruffles, is all-the-rage as of late, so we don't blame Guilfoyle for wanting to try it. However, it was a total disaster when she attempted it for her son's prom in April, and now, she's flopped yet again with the same style of dress. At her son's prom, she wore a short, periwinkle dress with voluminous sleeves, cutouts, and big, bedazzled bows down the front. Comments on her Instagram post called out the bad look, saying "I wish she had some help picking out her clothes" and "Such strange fashion choices lately!" 

On May 23, she posted Instagram photos of herself in a dress with many of the same details: cutouts, puffy short sleeves, and glitzy elements down the front. This time, the minidress was bold red, and the brooch-like details were heart-shaped. Nevertheless, this attempt at coquette was, once again, a big mistake and inappropriate for the event.

Kimberly Guilfoyle stuck out like a sore thumb at important event

Kimberly Guilfoyle's Instagram post shows three photos of her posing with other guests at a Helping a Hero veterans event. In her caption, Guilfoyle wrote: "Such an incredible, inspiring, and important event with @helpingahero. Every day, I'm more and more encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm of Americans from all corners of [the] country who are stepping up when it matters most to help our veterans, their families, and their communities. America First, always." 

It's clear based on her caption that this is a cause that's close to Guilfoyle's heart. However, the flashiness of her look draws attention away from the event and her presence there. The group photo she included in her post shows just how out of place she looks alongside the other attendees, who wore less flashy ensembles. 

This tends to be a pattern in how Guilfoyle chooses to dress, and it often has the opposite effect of what she's likely going for. All eyes are often on her, and while that may be something she wants, it's usually because she looks out of place. In the future, Guilfoyle should trade in trends for timeless style. If she does want to try the coquette trend again and avoid criticism next time around, she should go with a subtler look and remember that there's a time and place for everything.