Harry And Meghan Interactions That Made People Uncomfortable

Love them or hate them, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's relationship is still going strong. Harry and Meghan's apparently healthy marriage has been contrasted with that of the prince's parents, King Charles III and Princess Diana. Blighted by cheating scandals and the king's alleged cruelty, there were always signs that Diana and Charles' marriage wasn't going to last. By contrast, Harry and Meghan generally appear to have a loving and supportive bond free from toxicity. "Harry and Meghan have been through a lot together and it has made their relationship go from strength to strength," body language expert Darren Stanton said at Betfair Live Casino, per the Mirror. "From looking at their engaged eye contact, it's clear they have a deep rapport with each other."

But no relationship is perfect, and the Sussexes, like any couple, have had their fair share of uncomfortable exchanges. Unlike most couples, Harry and Meghan's awkward interactions have been captured for the world to see. From cringeworthy main-character moments to PDA fails, it's a right royal pain living one's life in the limelight.

Meghan Markle appeared to roll her eyes at Prince Harry

Attending the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank in 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made headlines following a rather squirm-inducing interaction. During the ceremony at St George's Chapel in Windsor, Harry leaned into his wife and appeared to utter "Everything's different," seemingly in reference to his own wedding at the chapel several months earlier, per the Daily Mail. "Yes, of course, that's the way," Meghan, who had been in the middle of chatting to Zara Tindall, reportedly replied. Following her prompt response, the duchess appeared to roll her eyes at her husband.

The moment led to royal fans speculating that the Sussexes were in the midst of an argument. Body language expert Judi James told the Daily Mail that Harry appeared anxious and fidgety at the ceremony, whereas Meghan was quietly confident. Subsequently, James claimed that Meghan may have been annoyed at Harry for interrupting her conversation with Tindall. "She performs a subtle eye-dart to her left, a bit like a mother whose kid is trying to interrupt her grown up conversation," James explained. "She turns to Harry and seems to have a slightly firmer conversation ... Meghan leans back towards Zara, resuming her polite social smile along with their conversation. Harry rubs his face, chews his lips and leans into the side of his seat like a child that has just been told to sit still."

Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle a lesson in royal protocol

In 2019, Meghan Markle was starting to adjust to life in the royal family. So, when the newbie appeared with the Windsor clan on the Buckingham Palace balcony that year, Prince Harry ended up having to give her a lesson in royal protocol. In a clip that went viral years later, Meghan can be seen looking somewhat lost during the Trooping the Colour parade. While the rest of the royals were staring forward, a beaming Meghan appeared to be taking in her surroundings. However, her carefree approach to royal duties was quickly quelled when her husband seemingly instructed her to "turn around." After initially heeding the advice, Meghan once again faced Harry, who appeared to repeat his "turn around" instruction. Lip-reader Tina Lannin told The Sun that Harry said, "No he hasn't. Oh fine. Turn around."

Social media users found the toe-curling clip exceedingly awkward. "It's like she's not even willing to learn royal protocol and gets mad if forced to," lamented one TikTok user, per Express. Meanwhile, others felt sympathy for Meghan's struggle to adhere to the strict etiquette of The Firm. "Soooo glad they got out," wrote a Meghan sympathizer. "She rescued him." Indeed, as cringeworthy as the clip may be, most folks can relate to the agony of embarrassing oneself in front of the in-laws.

Eagle-eyed fans thought Prince Harry was ignoring Meghan Markle at a baseball game

Though Prince Harry usually appears the dutiful husband, he seemingly had a moment of inattentiveness at a baseball game in London in 2019. In a clip that's sure to give folks second-hand embarrassment, Meghan uttered some words to her husband as the crowd cheered. However, Harry appeared to ignore her, chatting away to another attendee. A seemingly mortified Meghan then looked on into the distance. "The look on her face as she turns around after being completely ignored was priceless," noted a social media user, per Metro. Meanwhile, other observers claimed that this was just one of many instances of Harry supposedly ignoring his wife on purpose. "Someone needs to made of [sic] video of all of the times she got ignored," wrote another royal fan.

In a chat with The Sun, lip-reader Tina Lannin claimed that Meghan was uttering "Oh my god," while Harry was chatting about the logistics of the game. If this is the case, then it's possible that Harry simply didn't hear his wife amid the cheers and bustle of the crowd.

Royal fans got second-hand embarrassment from Meghan Markle's awkward appearance at Prince Harry's polo event


Meghan Markle had an awkward moment at the polo when she couldn't get into view as Prince Harry raised a trophy with his teammates. 🤣 #MeghanMarkle

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Some body language experts say Meghan Markle has dominated Prince Harry since leaving the U.K. Such theories were seemingly confirmed when Meghan inexplicably decided to get in on the action at a polo game in 2022. After his team, the Los Padres, won a polo match, Harry and his pals ascended the stage at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club. Meghan tried to join in when the team lifted the trophy, but ended up being engulfed by the polo players, and thus, squished between them as they lifted the trophy above her. Standing in the middle of the victors, she attempted to alleviate the awkwardness by holding onto her hat as her hubby and his teammates lifted the trophy, but this made the moment all the more cringe-inducing. Alas, Meghan was giving main character energy, but was relegated to background extra.

Accordingly, TikTok users lamented the sheer awkwardness of the moment, wondering why Meghan was present in the first place. Royal commenter Kara Kennedy was inclined to agree. "This had nothing to do with her," Kennedy told Sky News Australia (via SheFinds). "It's obviously very awkward that she very clearly wasn't meant to be on stage, this hadn't been rehearsed ... this wasn't a PR opportunity of any kind, but she obviously sees it as one."

Meghan wiped smudged lipstick off Harry's face

Considering that makeup is generally worn by celebs at glitzy events, messy smooches are an inevitability. Subsequently, some might argue that greasy lipstick and PDA can't coexist, but Meghan Markle would beg to differ. Attending a polo game in 2022, Meghan held Prince Harry's face in her hands and planted a big smooch on him. Leaving a bit of a mess on the prince, she proceeded to wipe smudged lipstick off his face.

The lipstick wipe appeared to be a somewhat maternal gesture, equal parts wholesome and cringe. Unfortunately for Harry and Meghan, many eagle-eyed observers only saw the cringe side of the gesture. On X, formerly Titter, users lamented that they were embarrassed on behalf of the prince. "Why did M wipe Harry's face when it's prize giving time? How embarrassing for him," asked royal biographer Angela Levin (via Express). But some argued that it was a wholly relatable moment, rather than an embarrassing one. "After kissing him she then wipes the lipstick off his lips. Every wife does that," wrote one defender.

When Meghan Markle recalled first meeting the queen, Prince Harry appeared uneasy

Despite her various issues with senior royals, Meghan Markle's relationship with Queen Elizabeth II was generally a positive one. But when Meghan recalled her first meeting with the queen on an episode of Netflix's "Harry & Meghan" in 2022, royal fans noted that Prince Harry looked more than a tad uncomfortable.

Performing an exaggerated curtsey as Harry stared in apparent bemusement, Meghan joked, "I curtseyed as though I was like, 'Pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty.' Like, was that okay?" Eventually, the prince broke the painful silence by letting out an awkward laugh. Social media users recoiled at the clip, lamenting that Harry looked uneasy throughout his wife's recollection of the meeting. "She did not understand why she needed to curtsy to Harry's grandmother ... He looks a little uncomfortable about the whole thing," ITV's royal editor, Chris Ship, wrote on tweeted.

Likewise, body language expert Judi James told the Mirror that Harry was struggling to keep up with his wife's frivolous tone when discussing his grandmother. "As Meghan mentions 'Your Majesty,' the direct reference to the late Queen, it does seem a small step too far for Harry who quickly drops his head down to perform a cut-off ritual that partially hides his face, suggesting some discomfort at this point," James explained.

Meghan Markle rejected a kiss from Prince Harry

Though there have been a number of rare royal PDA moments caught on camera, public displays of affection are generally discouraged in accordance with royal protocol. Testament to their values differing from those of The Firm, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle often engage in PDA. But, as Harry learned the hard way, his affectionate gestures aren't always reciprocated.

Attending an NBA game in 2023, Harry and Meghan were caught on the kiss-cam. Accordingly, the prince leaned in for a kiss, which Meghan rebuffed. Harry then let out a playful grimace in the face of rejection. Ouch!

Though some royal fans found the interaction uncomfortable, others jumped to Meghan's defense. The Standard argued that Meghan was setting a boundary; by rejecting an on-camera smooch, she was making it clear that she had no desire for performative displays of affection. Similarly, PR expert Chad Teixeira told the Mirror that Meghan may have been making a plea for privacy. "They might not have been keen on sharing a lovey-dovey moment with a bazillion folks and cameras watching," Teixeira explained. "Swerving the smooch could be a way of keeping their personal space intact in a very public spot."

Meghan Markle asked a woman not to stand next to Prince Harry

Polo seems to be at the heart of so many of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's uncomfortable interactions. In 2024, Harry participated in the Royal Salute Polo Challenge in Miami, Florida, which raises money for underprivileged children on behalf of the prince's Sentebale charity. Following Harry's victory at the charity polo game, the prince posed for photos with his trophy and was joined by Dr. Sophie Chandauka, the Chair of Sentebale. When Meghan noticed that Chandauka was standing next to Harry, thereby somewhat blocking him, she repeatedly told her to move away from the prince. "Do you want to go over here?" Meghan can be heard asking, gesturing to her left. Eventually, Chandauka relented, sliding under the trophy and hurrying over to Meghan's side.

Over on TikTok and Instagram, users heavily criticized Meghan, branding her behavior cringeworthy, per news.com.au. "She seems insecure regarding her husband. That's why she keeps clinging on him and any woman who stands beside him is told to stand beside her," argued one observer. However, others suggested that Meghan was being unfairly criticized, and that Chandauka was standing in an awkward position to begin with. "That lady was blocking Harry. Why would Meghan move away from her own husband?" asked another user.

The Sussexes' stiff reaction to God Save the King left people squirming

Considering Prince Harry's strained relationship with King Charles III and decision to step back from royal life, one could hardly expect the prince to extol the virtues of the British monarchy while going about his regular duties. But in a moment that some might interpret as a cruel joke, Harry and Meghan Markle were asked to stand for "God Save the King" during their tour of Nigeria in 2024.

In a toe-curling clip, Harry and Meghan stood stiff and silent as the national anthem played at a charity gala. Inevitably, royalists on X found the spectacle equal parts hilarious and painful. "They must be squirming here, seeing as they hate every thing [sic] the royal family stand for especially knowing none of them including his father want anything to do with them!" exclaimed one royal fan (via Yahoo! Lifestyle). Others argued that Nigeria was showing its support for King Charles, and thus shading Harry and Meghan, by playing the anthem.

Additionally, the couple was accused of being disrespectful hypocrites for standing in silence as the national anthem played. "They seem to be clinging on to the very same thing they have been trashing," royal expert Robert Jobson told Express. "Why can't they just be themselves?" Then again, it's likely that Harry and Meghan would have been equally lambasted if they'd refused to stand for the anthem.