Lara Trump Crosses The Line With Latest Cash Grab For Trump Campaign

Lara Trump has received plenty of criticism for her schemes to get money for her father-in-law Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The co-chair of the Republican National Committee and wife of Eric Trump has asked supporters to save up to make $5 donations and requested RNC donations to help fund Donald's legal fees, among other controversial moves. Yet, despite being called a "grifter" in the past by critics on X, formerly known as Twitter, it seems that her most recent money-making strategy may be one of Lara's most controversial moments. She's selling a Trump Black Card, and it has basically no purpose.

On May 21, Lara Trump posted a video to showing the newest piece of merchandise that supports the Trump presidential campaign. She captioned the video: "The METAL Trump Black Card is for the top 1% of True Trump Republicans. But these won't be around forever. Once we're sold out, we will not be making ANY MORE! ... Your support will Make America Great Again!"

In the video, she shows off a metal faux credit card featuring Donald's name and mugshot. While showing the card, Lara claims that if viewers are "true Trump Republicans" and want to "join the team," then they need to obtain the card while supplies last. Lara fails to mention the card's price, how to get it, or what, if anything, it does, other than acting as a piece of merch. Unsurprisingly, folks in the comments were not as impressed as Lara seemed to think they would be. 

The Trump Black Card is sparking controversy

Less than 48 hours after posting the sales pitch to X, Lara Trump's video advertising the Donald Trump Black Card earned nearly a million views but just shy of 5,000 likes. Based on this ratio, despite many people seeing the video, most weren't eager to show their support. The comments proved this even further. "Wonder how many of his supporters are going to think it's a credit card and try to use it? These people have no shame," one commenter pointed out. "Grifters gotta grift," said another. Another X user wrote, "Will there ever be a time when a Trump isn't trying to sell us something?"

Some commenters expressed interest in the cards, but many voiced confusion about how to actually obtain it. The WinRed website, which claims to be the top fundraising platform for conservatives, features a message about the card that claims to be written by Donald Trump. It begins, "This is President Trump, and I'm launching my EXCLUSIVE membership program for True MAGA Patriots only!" and goes on to say, "The OFFICIAL Trump Black Card is METAL & ETCHED with my mugshot to show the Radical Left that I will NEVER SURRENDER." The site then gives users the option to donate to the campaign and obtain the card, starting at $100. Whether the card really will appeal to Trump's supporters is unclear, but it's already evident that this newest money grab is putting a bad taste in plenty of folks' mouths.