What Gavin Rossdale's Relationship With His Kids Is Like After Divorcing Gwen Stefani

As the proud dad of four, three of which he shares with Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale seemingly maintains a great relationship with his children. While he didn't want his 12-year marriage with the singer to end in 2015, Rossdale has always been dedicated to being a present father. This has remained true even as he and Stefani parent from different households after finalizing their divorce in 2016.

The rocker felt guilty about what the split might do to his and Stefani's three children, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo. When speaking on the "Amy & T.J." podcast in March 2024, Rossdale admitted, "I feel bad for my kids, that's it. I wish I could have found a way to not have that in their lives. It wasn't fun for me to come from a broken home... it can be quite debilitating for kids." To alleviate this, the Bush lead vocalist has worked hard to keep his connection with his children strong.

Rossdale still wants his kids to like his music

Despite being a Grammy Award nominated musician, having sold millions of records worldwide with his band, Bush, Gavin Rossdale still wants his children to like his music. He made this revelation ahead of the band's July 2020 album, "The Kingdom." Speaking with People, the doting dad shared that the opinions of Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, and eldest daughter, Daisy Lowe, were extremely important to him. "I don't want them to play my records to their friends and say, 'What happened to my dad?' I want them to be like, 'My dad's on fire.' They inspire me because I want them to like what I do," he said.

It seems that at least one of his children is not only impressed by his father's music but is also wanting to follow in his footsteps. Kingston and Rossdale bonded over their love of punk rock bands, with Rossdale introducing his son to the catalogs of such icons of the genre such as the Sex Pistols and Gang of Four. Another musical aspect that the father and son share is their love for guitar, which is the instrument Rossdale plays in Bush. While his youngest son, Apollo, may not be into the instrument like his father and big brother, Rossdale has other reasons to be proud of him.

Rossdale is also proud of Apollo's singing

Gavin Rossdale is just as happy for his youngest son, Apollo, who also enjoys performing. The artist told People during the Halloween 2023 episode of "The Talk" that Apollo earned the lead role in his school's musical. What was an even prouder dad moment, he revealed that he'd given him a preview of his performance. "He sang me a song last night and it was incredible from top to bottom and just beautiful pitch, melody, voice, tone, knew all the words. I was floored. It's great," Rossdale shared.

Though he's excited to have his children share his love for music, he is incredibly happy to be a father to all four of his kids. In a June 2023 Father's Day Instagram post, he posed for a photo with all of his children and captioned the image, in part, "There's no manual, there's no right way but when all your kids are people you wanna hang out with, I'd say you're on the right path." Rossdale may not put every part of his family on social media, but what judging by what he has divulged to the public, it is apparent that he has a strong relationship with his children.