The Worst-Dressed Stars At The 2024 Cannes Film Festival

2024 marks the Cannes Film Festival's 77th year of exciting new film premieres and dazzling red carpets. This year, the international festival is running from May 14 to 25, and as always, it's attracting plenty of film industry giants and Hollywood stars. Every red carpet there is has its own unique style, and the Cannes Film Festival is certainly no exception to this rule. While some stars have been interpreting the event's dress code perfectly, others' looks belong in the trash can, rather than at Cannes.

The Cannes Film Festival isn't the place to go casual or experiment too much with fashion. The festival always has a strict dress code. Cocktail or black-tie attire is necessary, and there is even a famous footwear dress code that must be obeyed by guests. Yet, just because a star adheres to the festival's dress code, that doesn't mean that their outfit is a perfect fit for the red carpet. This year, bad styling decisions were the most frequent fashion offense among stars, and some looks for the various red carpets, premieres, and photo calls just had us wondering why these film lovers didn't get some help in the fashion department.

Anya Taylor-Joy's ghost of corporate girl bosses past look

At the Cannes premiere of her new movie, "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga," it-girl, Anya Taylor-Joy, looked like the quintessential movie star. When she wore a stringy white Jil Sanders two-piece set to a photo call, however, she looked more like her suit just went through a paper shredder. The raw hems on the skirt, sleeves, and cropped jacket looked messy and out-of-place, and the hat didn't complement the rest of the look. A high ponytail might have made the ensemble work, but as it stands, it just looked ghostly. 

Greta Gerwig's cardboard box ensemble

When it comes to Hollywood events, we imagine that director, writer, and actor Greta Gerwig's presence is a present. When she headed out to the Cannes Film Festival on Monday, though, this present looked like an Amazon box that got dropped on our front porch. The brown dress came from the Carven Fall 2024 collection, and its unique cut made Gerwig's silhouette look like a rectangle. The cardboard-esque hue gave new meaning to the term "boxy." A bit of tailoring and a different color would have made this frock look chic instead. 

Greta Gerwig's farm-inspired look

Greta Gerwig has sported several different looks at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. And, while not all of her choices have been mistakes, more outfits mean more room for error. She earned another place on the worst-dressed list thanks to her oddly shaped blue and white Maison Margiela dress. The dress, itself, reminded us of a day out on the prairie, but the horse hoof-inspired shoes made this country-coded ensemble just a little too ready for the farm. 

Eva Green's metallic armadillo dress

Eva Green graced the Cannes red carpet in a Balmain gown that had quite a bit going on. The dress had head-to-toe fabric, but the fabrics were all different. One thick, black, sparkly fabric, a gold and black metallic mosaic, and a black mesh all made up an abstract pattern and totally overwhelmed the star. Long, heavy-looking hair and glitzy shoes that just barely peeked out from below the long hem made this entire look feel even denser and busier than it already was.

Yseult's high school band concert uniform

Musician and model Yseult hit the red carpet in a classic outfit: black pants and a white button-down shirt. Unfortunately, the twist the star put on this look is reminiscent of a child dressing up in their dad's closet. The oversized shirt's sleeves were too long, and the unbuttoned bottom buttons looked strange. She paired the shirt with a wide-legged pant which made the clothes seem to swallow her up even more. Rather than going oversized, her perfect hair and makeup would have looked better with a different edgy twist on this look. 

Kiddy Smile's disco Barbie suit

Pierre-Édouard Hanffou, better known as Kiddy Smile decided to attend the "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" premiere in one of the loudest outfits in the history of red carpet outfits. Call us crazy, but this shiny silver suit covered in black stars might have actually been a fun and unique statement look if it wasn't for the hot pink feathers. As a general rule of thumb for everyone other than flamingos, if your outfit is covered in pink feathers, make sure they really work with the look before heading out the door. 

Juliette Binoche forgot to get ready from the neck up

Juliette Binoche matched the red carpet in a dramatic red Dior gown and platform red shoes. There was no problem with the long, off-the-shoulder dress, itself. Instead, it was her hair and makeup that made this look a flop. She wore pared down makeup and slicked back, wet-looking hair. There's nothing wrong with a slicked back 'do under the right circumstances; these just weren't the right circumstances. The juxtaposition of unfinished and extra glam really seemed to clash and undermine each other. 

Chris Hemsworth matched his shades of white in the dark

After sporting a total snooze-fest look at this year's Met Gala, Chris Hemsworth has once again committed a very subtle fashion crime. The star wore black pants, black shoes, a white suit jacket, and a white button-down shirt. Sounds innocent enough, right? This ensemble was close to being a good look, but just how close it was is actually a part of the problem. His off-white jacket just didn't match his bright white shirt, which caused the 'fit to clash and look not well put-together. 

Mouna Ayoub's dress looked like it was blowing away

Floating straps and bold, structured necklines have been all-the-rage on red carpets as of late. We've seen both good and not-so-good interpretations of this trend from stars at the 2024 Oscars, as well as this year's Met Gala. Socialite, Mouna Ayoub is known for her enviable collection of couture items. Unfortunately, she picked the wrong one to wear on the Cannes red carpet. This sparkly asymmetrical gown's unique neckline looked just a little too out of this world. 

Hofit Golan looked like prom gone wrong

Israeli influencer Hofit Golan, graced the red carpet in a very elaborate, gold JoliPoli Couture gown. This gown could have looked lovely with half as many details. Yet, between the long train, the intricate elements on the dress' bodice, the see-through skirt, and of course, that giant bow on the star's butt, the dress came across as costume-y and over-the-top. Removing that giant bow and putting it on top of someone's brand new car probably would have salvaged the look. As it is, we have no idea how she sat during the premiere.