How Taylor Swift And Sophie Turner United Despite Sharing An Ex

On "Vigilante S**t," Taylor Swift sultrily threatens, "Picture me thick as thieves with your ex-wife." But one of her former boyfriends, Joe Jonas, doesn't have to picture it. That's because Swift has become quite close with his estranged wife, Sophie Turner, with the "Game of Thrones" star sharing that Swift really stepped up for her and her two children when she split from the Jonas Brothers star. Turner opened up to British Vogue about how Swift rallied round her at one of the most difficult periods of her life, explaining, "I've never been more grateful to anyone than I am for her because she took my children and me and provided us with a home and a safe space." The actor shared that Swift gifted them a stay in her New York apartment amid the hoopla surrounding her split from Jonas, noting, "She really has a heart of gold."

Despite some suggestion to the contrary, Swift and Turner are thought to have been friendly for a while now, striking up a friendship before Turner's relationship with Jonas ended. As a source told Entertainment Tonight in September 2023 after the two were spotted on a girls' night out together, "They are fans of each other and have been friends for a while." We know they go as far back as at least 2019, which is when Swift greeted Turner by calling her "buddy" before they shared a big hug on "The Graham Norton Show."

Sophie Turner appeared to relate to at least one Taylor Swift song amid her divorce

It's safe to say Taylor Swift's music has been used by more than a few people to get through breakups — and that's no different for Sophie Turner. In October 2023, Turner cryptically posted and then deleted an Instagram photo pertaining to Swift's songs. The image showed a person, thought to be Turner, wearing a bracelet with the word "Fearless" on it (via Standard). As Swifties will know, beaded friendship bracelets referencing Swift's song titles and lyrics are often shared at her shows. The thing that makes the post extra intriguing, however, is that while "Fearless" is a song by Swift, it's also the name of her second studio album thought to contain multiple songs about Joe Jonas. Swift isn't one to explicitly confirm who her songs are about, but it's widely speculated that "Mr. Perfectly Fine," "Last Kiss," and "Better Than Revenge" could be about the singer. The image was posted just over a month after the news of the now former couple's divorce broke, likely while Turner was staying in Swift's New York pad.

Turner previously shared how big of a fan she was of Swift's music in a TikTok Live with Jonas in 2022, in which she was asked to name her favorite Swift album. She chose "1989," telling viewers, "One of my favorite albums of all time." Jonas even admitted, "'1989' is a great album. Bangers."

Joe Jonas claimed he was on good terms with Taylor Swift pre-Sophie Turner divorce

Joe Jonas doesn't appear to have spoken publicly about Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner's increasingly close friendship, though he claimed prior to his and Turner's split that he was still on good terms with his ex after their 2008 breakup. On the British show "Lorraine" in 2019, Jonas was asked about Swift and her publicly apology after she admitted on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that year she regretted putting him on blast over their breakup. He responded, "I've moved on. I'm sure Taylor's moved on. It feels nice. We're all friends. It's all good." As for if it's still all good between these exes now that Swift and Turner are very publicly super close? Well, that still remains to be seen. 

It's been claimed though that Swift and Turner seemingly revving up their friendship after her split with Jonas may potentially be to send him a message. "Sophie can afford her own apartment of course. This is perfect revenge and a highly public snub to Joe," psychologist Jo Hemmings suggested to The U.S. Sun. "Similarly, Taylor and Sophie going out and having a wild time together will make Joe feel bad. This strengthening friendship is not doing either of their profiles any harm. They are exercising and exhibiting proper girl code here." Regardless of why these two are clearly besties, we do love to see strong women supporting other strong women.