Kimberly Guilfoyle's Pared-Down Style In New Snap Sticks Out For All The Wrong Reasons

If you know Kimberly Guilfoyle, TV personality and bride-to-be of Donald Trump Jr., then you probably know about her rather unique fashion sense. The public figure has worn her fair share of inappropriate outfits in her day, and some have even had Donald Trump fans turning on her as of late. Yet, she was recently photographed sporting an ensemble that felt wrong in a brand new way. While Guilfoyle has become known for being overly glam and frequently overdressed, a new photograph of her shows that her style may be changing. Unfortunately, she didn't commit to the new look fully enough and still appeared out of place.

On Wednesday, May 15, Eduardo Verástegui shared a selfie on X, formerly Twitter, where he posed alongside Guilfoyle. The actor and singer began his tweet's caption with "It was great to be with my dear friend @kimguilfoyle on 'The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show.'" Guilfoyle launched said talkshow in 2023, and according to Verástegui's tweet, the episode featuring him is "coming soon." We're used to seeing Guilfoyle's outfits stand out, but in this photo, her outfit grabbed our attention for the opposite of the usual reason. Rather than overdressed, Guilfoyle looked like she didn't dress up enough. There's certainly something refreshing about seeing Guilfoyle pare down her look a bit, but there's a time and place for everything, and she seemingly forgot about her newly improved style when doing her makeup.

Kimberly Guilfoyle has the right idea and the wrong execution

In the photo that Eduardo Verástegui posted to X, Kimberly Guilfoyle appears to be wearing a plain black t-shirt with no jewelry. This is a far cry from the typically tight-fitting and flashy looks she wears on nearly every occasion. In this case, however, her outfit, which would blend in in most cases, still manages to stand out. The selfie only shows the duo from the waist up, but it's clear that Verástegui is dressed up, wearing a navy suit jacket and crisp white shirt. Guilfoyle's black t-shirt just doesn't fit with this vibe, and it doesn't seem appropriate for hosting a show, either. Furthermore, she's wearing her typical heavy makeup.

About a week prior, Guilfoyle's vampy makeup and ensemble made her stick out like a sore thumb at a springy daytime Hearts for Moms fundraiser. So, it's certainly not a surprise that Guilfoyle may struggle to part with her dark, heavy makeup, even in a laidback look. In this case, though, it clashes quite a bit with her plain t-shirt. It is possible that this selfie was snapped after Guilfoyle did her hair and makeup and before she put her outfit on, but either way, we'd love to see her commit fully to a congruous, pared-down style in the future. Our only word of advice is that she should be sure to pick the right occasion.