Alina Habba's Latest Trump Accessory Blows Up In Her Face

Former President Donald Trump's high-profile attorney Alina Habba has had her fair share of awkward moments that make us cringe, and the eyebrow-raising wardrobe addition she was spotted wearing in May 2024 is certainly no exception. Indeed, Habba has been known to opt for clothing and accessory choices that cause a stir for their high price tags, but this particular accessory turns the whole argument against Habba upside down — literally. 

While people have previously criticized Habba for wearing expensive luxury items while her ex-POTUS client deals with a mountain of legal and criminal trial woes, her latest springtime style has people wondering if she's even supporting the president at all. @PatriotTakes shared a photo of Habba on their X, formerly known as Twitter, account on May 15, 2024, wearing a red baseball cap with "Trump" emblazoned in white letters across the front.

Seems normal enough, of course, until one considers the fact that "Trump" is embroidered upside down. And oh boy, did the online community consider it. Many critics quickly took to X to share their thoughts that the upside down emblem might be a sign that Trump is in greater turmoil than he and his legal team are letting on.

Alina Habba's accessory wasn't viewed as the show of support she might've thought it was

According to the U.S. Flag Code (via Cornell Law School), "the flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property." While lawyer Alina Habba's red ball cap didn't feature the stars and stripes of the American flag, it did feature her client, former President Donald Trump's, last name upside down. Unsurprisingly, the X community began comparing her hat to the rules of the flag code.

"Upside down? A clear sign Trump is in distress!" One X user wrote. "Total stab in the dark," another commented, "Rather than an upside down American flag, they're going with an upside down Trump to say he's in peril?" Other users thought the upside-down print was all-too-fitting (but probably not in the way Trump or Habba would hope). "That about sums up the MAGA cult," an X user added to the thread. "Everything is opposite. Up is down, down is up."

Habba hasn't been seen with Trump much since his hush money trial started in April 2024, but it's clear that the lawyer has no problem sporting his swag while she's away. Unfortunately for Habba, the hat seemed to attract far more critics than fans, which is par for the course for the divisive attorney.