HGTV's David Bromstad Wasn't Thrilled With His My Lottery Dream Home Gig In The Beginning

"My Lottery Dream Home" has become one of the most-watched series on HGTV, with host David Bromstad guiding big-time lotto winners as they search for the perfect house to spend their winnings on. While there are many untold truths about "My Lottery Dream Home," one of the most surprising might be that Bromstad wasn't initially thrilled about landing the gig.

"It took me a minute to really come out and fall in love with the show," Bromstad said on the "Obsessed" podcast. "I was like, okay, now I'm hosting a real estate show, I'm an artist. This is way off my beaten path." The Minnesota native comes from a design background, with David having an unexpected start to his interior designer career. He made his HGTV debut on "Design Star," being crowned the winner of Season 1. In this way, the real estate-based series was unfamiliar territory for the HGTV star. Luckily, Bromstad has come to embrace his hosting duties, with "My Lottery Dream Home" being a real highlight of his career.

How David got started on My Lottery Dream Home

It took some time for David Bromstad to come around to hosting "My Lottery Dream Home," but the HGTV star has given some insight into his reasoning for taking the gig. In his "Obsessed" interview, the interior designer revealed that the network was making a shift from design-based shows when the lottery-centered series was created.

"Design was dead on the network," he explained. "Designs never died, but just straight design ... now it's renovation real estate, and that's fantastic. So I was like, this is my only option." After his "Design Star" win, Bromstad went on to host his very own design show called "Color Splash," which ran for 7 Seasons from 2007 to 2012. It was after this show, and a stint on the brief "Beach Flip" series, that the interior designer shifted gears.

As for how "My Lottery Dream Home" came about, Bromstad credits an HGTV executive with coming up with the idea. "Loren Ruch, who's one of the executives, came up with the concept," he told AOL. "He's a genius — he's like Jesus at HGTV ... He's the mastermind behind a lot of the really fun, great shows." While it was challenging to cast the first season of "My Lottery Dream Home," the series has gone on to become a great hit on the network.

Bromstad has come around the real estate series

Since settling into his role as host of "My Lottery Dream Home," David Bromstad has expressed a real appreciation for the show. "First three or four seasons I was like, whatever," he told the "Obsessed" podcast. "And then I started really falling in love with this. I was like, it's a really beautiful show."

While the "Color Splash" star doesn't have the opportunity to express himself through colorful designs on the show, he's made a real impact with his fashion. David has been spotted in some pretty unforgettable outfits over the years, but he's explained that it's one way that he learned to express himself. "I've always been obsessed with clothes, always, but now it's gone to a point where it's really a problem," he explained.

As for the success of the program, Bromstad has revealed some surprise. "I'm shocked and thrilled," he told Spectrum News 13 in 2018. "We're having the most fun ever, and it's really nice to see it in the ratings as well." As "My Lottery Dream Home" doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, we're glad that David Bromstad has come to love the HGTV series.