Eric Trump's Defense Of His 'Good Family' Has Critics Begging To Differ

Eric Trump, the only family member who has shown up to Donald Trump's criminal trial over hush money allegedly paid to Stormy Daniels, was asked about that trial and the various cases his father and family are facing by Mark Levin on his Fox News show. Eric seemed outraged that the trial and other cases were even happening considering what he felt to be the quality of his family. "We're a good family," Eric told Levin on Fox News. "Never have done anything wrong. The way that they've come after my father since he's gone down that escalator is unthinkable."

Eric's claim about his family very much got people's attention, and not in a good way. Social media lit up with Eric Trump trending on X, formerly known as Twitter. One person posted on X, "And that's exactly the problem with all of them. They don't believe that there is anything wrong with all of the things they've done and continue to do." Another said, "The Trump family holds itself to a different standard."

People had receipts for wrongdoings by the Trump family

One person had another perspective on what Eric Trump meant about his family being a good one: "It may be illegal .. but they don't think it's wrong... it's simple really," via X. Another critic on X said of the Trumps: "Family motto: 'Just keep lying. No matter what.'"

A number of people took Eric's claim as an opportunity to point out a long list of not so good things that the Trump family has allegedly done. One person's fairly short summary on X of the Trump family's criminality was, "stealing from a charity, being banned from running a charity, found to have committed tax, banking, and insurance fraud, defrauding college students, found to have committed racial and housing discrimination, your dad is a twice impeached rapist..."

To break down some of the facts behind the allegations being leveled against Eric and the Trump family in the wake of Eric's claims: In 2016, Donald Trump paid a $25 million settlement to put an end to three fraud lawsuits against Trump University; though, perhaps to Eric's point, the settlement didn't include requiring Donald to say he was at fault for anything. In 2019, the Trump Foundation was found to have misused charitable funds, and a judge ordered Donald to pay around $2 million and follow strict guidelines if he tries to start a charity again. Eric, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump were all required to take training about running a charity as well. 

Eric Trump didn't talk about the judge's guilty verdicts against his father

For more recent examples of purported lawlessness by someone in the Trump family, Donald Trump made history by being the only president to have been impeached twice, including for the January 6 insurrection. Granted, he was acquitted both times, which could arguably be seen in support of Eric Trump's point. More definitive verdicts came in Donald's court losses in 2023 and 2024 with the two E. Jean Carroll defamation cases, one of which also found him liable of sexual abuse.

There might be some additional charges to add to the list, depending on how the four criminal cases against Donald turn out, and Eric Trump may be there to see those play out and provide commentary. He has been front row at two of his father's recent trials  — along with showing up for Donald's criminal hush money trial, Eric attended Donald's civil fraud trial in New York. He also testified and was a co-defendant in the case that ended in Donald getting a massive fine after being found guilty. Eric and Donald Trump Jr. were also fined $4 million each in the case. None of the guilty verdicts came up in Eric's Fox News conversation with Mark Levin, and he echoed his father's claims of the charges against him as being a kind of political persecution.