Melania Trump's Ex-Aide Has A Scathing Response To Her Mother's Day Message

Unlike her husband (who made a messy Mother's Day shoutout of his own), Melania Trump isn't really one for posting frequently on social media. But over the weekend, she posted a tribute to mothers on Mother's Day to X, formerly known as Twitter. In the lengthy post, which included a link to her Mother's Day necklace that has been brutally compared to pet accessories, she discussed the important role mothers play in their families and communities. "Mothers are the cornerstone of a flourishing society," she wrote in part. "I take great pride in embracing this responsibility." 

Trump's former aide and friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, was quick to call out the former FLOTUS, replying: "Betrayal between mothers is especially deep when one chooses lies over truth, showing a disregard not just for honesty, but for the bond that did unite them. Have you @MELANIATRUMP ever considered or cared how your actions & false accusations against ME impacted MY children?"

This is hardly the first time that Wolkoff has made a bold claim against her one-time friend. The two women had a falling out years ago over negative attention surrounding the Trump inauguration, and it seems that Wolkoff — who wrote the book "Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady"– still holds a grudge. 

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff went from Melania Trump's friend to her frequent critic

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is renowned for event planning — when she was at Vogue, she helped Anna Wintour plan the Met Gala. She and Melania Trump became friends, and Wolkoff was hired as Trump's unpaid adviser when she became FLOTUS and even helped plan some of Donald Trump's inauguration celebrations. The inauguration committee raised an unprecedented $107 million, and Wolkoff made headlines with The New York Times writing an article about how the event planner's company was reportedly paid $26 million for the event. Some of the other money raised and spent by the committee was not accounted for.

Wolkoff apparently wanted the first lady to say something in support after her name started coming up in connection to the inauguration committee spending, but that didn't happen. The event planner also alleges that she talked to Trump about some of the potentially odd goings-on within the inauguration committee and how money was being spent; however, Trump has said that she didn't know anything about it. Instead, Wolkoff lost her position working for Trump, and additional reporting by The New York Times about how the inauguration money was spent made claims that the Trumps were unhappy with the event planner. 

Many people online were quick to stand with Wolkoff after she responded to her former pal's Mother's Day post. One person wrote: "You know the answer Stephanie. It's no[,] not once." Another said, "Stephanie, you got screwed!," while someone else chimed in with: "She would never think about your kids and their feelings. She only cares about herself."