How Ivanka Trump's Style Has Transformed Since Leaving Politics Behind

It seems Ivanka Trump has officially left politics behind. In a 2022 statement, she expressed love for her father Donald Trump but said she wouldn't be working on his 2024 presidential campaign. Instead, Ivanka would be focusing on her and Jared Kushner's children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore: "This time around, I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family," she said (via People).

Ivanka made it clear that she wouldn't be working in politics anymore, which was confirmed in the announcement of Barron Trump's political debut as a delegate at the 2024 Republican National Convention. In fact, all of the former president's children were named as delegates with the exception of his oldest daughter. It was a sure sign that Ivanka Trump's exit from the political world is permanent, and it appears the same is true for Jared Kushner.

Despite stepping out of the political limelight, Ivanka isn't disappearing from the public eye. She and Kushner have been spotted at a variety of high-profile events, and people can't help but notice that her outfits are getting bolder. Just how much has Ivanka's style changed since she exited politics? A lot it would seem.

Ivanka Trump loves rocking shorter skirts

One noteworthy element of Ivanka Trump's fashion transformation is the style of skirts she wears. During her political career, Ivanka wore a lot of pencil skirts — such as a powder blue pencil skirt with a matching jacket before the 2020 election (via Instagram). Her pencil skirt collection must be collecting dust in the back of her closet, because ever since she stepped away from politics, she's been branching out. A new favorite of Ivanka's seems to be stylish minidresses.

During the weekend of the F1 Miami Grand Prix in 2024, the former first daughter wore two different minidresses. First, a navy dress from Clio Peppiatt with a corset-like bodice, which she shared a photo of on Instagram. The second was a Magda Butrym halter-style red minidress, which was Ivanka Trump's most controversial look yet. She shared a photo of the red dress to Instagram where it received mixed feedback.

Ivanka Trump is keen to wear bigger, brighter patterns

Perhaps there's a handbook somewhere that instructs political advisors to stick with basic patterns in their wardrobe: plaid, simple florals, or even small polka dots. For example, the plaid pencil skirt Ivanka Trump shared in a snap in December 2020.

In the new phase of her life, Trump is trying brighter, bolder patterns. In a video on Instagram from July 2023, she can be seen piloting a helicopter in a white dress with a multicolored floral pattern and bow straps. 

The month prior in June 2023, Trump and Jared Kushner attended the Jordan royal wedding. In one of her social media posts from the event, Trump could be seen in a colorful dress with stripes in orange, seafoam green, butter yellow, pink, and coral. The Jenny Packham dress also had a cape and a thin sparkly belt. Despite some commenters on Instagram comparing the dress to curtains, it was a great example of Trump's new style.

Ivanka Trump's new look includes some sparkly outfits

Is Ivanka Trump a Swiftie? Because some of her post-politics outfits are reminiscent of the song "Bejeweled," when Taylor Swift sings, "When I walk in the room / I can still make the whole place shimmer." Ivanka's new style incorporates a lot more sparkles and shimmer than her old style.

In February 2023, Ivanka wore a sparkly, beaded fringe dress. She shared an Instagram photo of her dancing, which showcased the movement of the fringe. The white minidress was designed by Bob Mackie and Ivanka wore it to a '20s-themed party. However, the gown wasn't hers to begin with — it was originally owned and worn by her late mother, Ivana Trump.

Another sparkly look of Ivanka's was a black and silver strapless, floor-length dress by Monique Lhuillier. While celebrating the opening of the Fontainebleau Las Vegas hotel, Ivanka showed off the gown in a video near a giant, spinning disco ball. Or a mirrorball, if you will. Perhaps another Swiftie reference?

Ivanka Trump has worn dresses with bolder cutouts

Professional, business-casual clothes always incorporate some kind of strap or sleeve. One dress that Ivanka Trump wore at a rally for Donald Trump in November 2020 even had a wrap-look neckline, completely covering her shoulders (via Instagram). Now, she's branching out and wearing lots of strapless tops and dresses. At a May 2024 wedding in Mexico, she wore a strapless red gown with a floor-length skirt. Boldly showing off more skin than she would have as a White House advisor, the bodice of the dress included a deep-V cutout that went from the neckline to the waistband. Fans on Instagram raved about the look.

In January 2024, Ivanka wore a halter-style dress with a similar V-shaped cutout in the bodice. That dress also incorporated sparkly metallic elements on the bodice and at the top of the skirt, plus an open back — another feature that would have been a hard no in Ivanka's previous career.

No more politics for Ivanka Trump means more casual looks

Not every day is a glamorous occasion. Sometimes, a casual outfit is all that's necessary. Now that she's not working for her father, Ivanka Trump has shared photos online of her more understated looks as well. In November 2022, she posted a picture in blue jeans, white sneakers, and a gray sweater vest. The vest was patterned with the yinyang symbol with hearts inside.

Another less formal look Ivanka wore was a white, babydoll-style sundress. Paired with sunglasses, a sunhat, and tan flip-flops, the former first daughter wore the dress on a trip to Greece, which was of course documented on Instagram.

Some have questioned if Ivanka Trump can really stay away from politics. However, fashion seems to be her first love due to her past as a model and her former clothing brand. Based on Ivanka's style evolution, she seems to be enjoying a focus on family and fashion without the pressure of politics.