Bradley Cooper Dancing At Taylor Swift Eras Tour Is Worse Than We Expected

The European portion of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is officially underway, and the star had some very special guests in the audience during her first weekend post-hiatus. Gigi Hadid and Swift have been friends for years, and the supermodel and her movie star beau, Bradley Cooper, joined Travis Kelce in Paris to enjoy the new, updated Eras Tour. Videos of the famous trio are going viral online, but instead of focusing on their support for their pal, fans can't take their eyes off Cooper's... interesting moves.

Cooper is known for his acting chops, but he never claimed to be a professional dancer, and now we all see why. Multiple videos courtesy of fellow Swifties have graced the internet, showing the friends enjoying the show from a private box on Sunday, May 12. Hadid and Kelce were clearly both getting into the music, singing along to Swift's hit "Blank Space" from her 2014 album, "1989." And, while Cooper was also vibing with Swift's hit and clearly knew some of the lyrics himself, it's his dancing that's getting attention for being a little bit corny, somewhat stiff, and very reminiscent of an out-of-place prom chaperone.

Bradley Cooper was feeling the music in his own way

Taylor Swift recently released her eleventh studio album, sending her into her "The Tortured Poets Department" era. The star has added new songs to her setlist from the newest album, including "Fortnight," "But Daddy I Love Him," "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me," "Down Bad," "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived," "I Can Do It with a Broken Heart," and "So High School." It's clear that Swift's pals are enjoying her new album just as much as her many fans. One video posted to X, formerly Twitter, shows Travis Kelce, Gigi Hadid, and Bradley Cooper dancing as Swift performs "So High School," a song widely thought to be about her football star boyfriend.

Some lyrics include, "Touch me while your bros play 'Grand Theft Auto'" — a line which Cooper particularly enjoyed if his suddenly energized dance moves are anything to go by. We all know that Cooper is a superstar, but it's still impressive that he was able to steal the show at a Swift concert. "Poor Bradley trying to dance," one commenter said. Another X-user wrote, "No rhythm. They're dancing like they're listening to different songs." Yet, some fans just thought Cooper needed to loosen up with a song he knew. While he sang along to "Blank Space," one fan wrote, "This is better. [Cooper] just had to warm up his engine. Now it looks like he is having fun."