Sherri Shepherd Gave HGTV Star Egypt Sherrod A Major Warning About Husband Mike Jackson

Comedian Sherri Shepherd and media personality Egypt Sherrod are good friends, likely due to their years in entertainment. The pair have also supported one another on several occasions, with Shepherd even praising Sherrod's husband, Mike Jackson, for being an awesome girl dad. However, she has also issued Sherrod a stark warning about her husband and their online activity. 

Shepherd, who has made a stunning transformation throughout her television career, has interviewed Sherrod and Jackson on at least two occasions. The pair appeared alongside the daytime TV star while she was the temporary host of "The Wendy Williams Show," in March 2022. The real estate developers returned to Shepherd's namesake show in December 2023, where they spoke about Jackson's many seductive Instagram photos, which he admitted Sherrod would often snap. However, during a March 19, 2024 segment, Shepherd once again revisited Jackson's "thirst traps," particularly one shared by Sherrod on March 11, 2024, where Jackson is seen with his shirt open and she affectionately refers to him as her "Man Crush." The two-time divorcee cautioned Sherrod that posting such seductive photos of her husband could end badly.

Sherri Shepherd warned that single women might be tempted by Mike Jackson

During Sherri Shepherd's March 19, 2024 episode, she brought up her good pals once again. This time, Shepherd claimed she advised HGTV star Egypt Sherrod that bachelorettes might become motivated to contact Jackson. She urged Sherrod to stop posting such handsome images of her home-building husband. "Ya'll wives better stop posting your husbands and teasing us single women, okay. Ya'll married women getting out of control," Shepherd joked as her audience laughed.

Shepherd knows a thing or two about other women. She filed for divorce from her first husband, Jeff Tarpley in 2006, and TMZ reported that she found explicit photos of him engaging in sex with another woman. There were also cheating rumors surrounding her second husband, Lamar Sally, who allegedly had an intimate relationship with a woman who was in their 2011 wedding. Now single, Shepherd's jokes about Sherrod's husband were likely coming from own experience with infidelity, and Sherrod had the perfect response to the playful warning.

Sherrod responded with a message of trust about Jackson

The "Married To Real Estate" host took to her Instagram on March 21, 2024, to address Sherri Shepherd. Egypt Sherrod tagged her friend with multiple laughing emojis, making it clear she was not bothered by Shepherd making fun of her posts dedicated to her spouse, Mike Jackson, (with whom she shares an interesting love story). However, she did share a message about how she chooses to navigate her marriage with trust.

"I have learned that if you hold anything too tight, it/they will want to escape. No man likes an insecure woman. While on the other hand, a man will cherish a secure woman who is kind, nurturing and supportive. She will be his peace. He fawns on me just like I fawn on him. That's why it works," she wrote, though she added a warning of her own, telling the online supporters of Jackson, "Just don't overstep or get disrespectful and we'll all keep having fun with it. Otherwise my Scorpio may come out."

Sherrod and Jackson have a strong connection on and off the TV screen. The former radio personality has admitted that women will often rush to get photographs with Jackson when they witness them out in person. Still, both Jackson and Sherrod appear comfortable with these innocent interactions.