Details About Rob Marciano's Relationship With Ginger Zee

There have been some pretty big scandals that have rocked "Good Morning America" over the years, and the hits just keep coming. In the latest to-do over at ABC's long-running early-riser show, it was reported in April 2024 that ABC News senior meteorologist Rob Marciano would no longer be detailing the weather on behalf of the show. Rumors immediately began swirling about his exit, especially since Marciano had celebrated his time at the network just months earlier. "This month marks the start of my 10th year with ABC News," he wrote on Instagram in September 2023. "And I couldn't be more pumped to continue this journey with all of you."

Days later, it came out that Marciano's departure allegedly wasn't by his own choice — and that ABC News and "GMA" chief meteorologist Ginger Zee had something to do with it. The Daily Beast disclosed that Marciano had been involved in a "heated screaming match" with a producer on "GMA," Zee heard about it, and she informed the higher-ups at the network of the incident. Marciano, having been banned from the show's set in 2023 over anger issues, was then allegedly dismissed over what sources told The Daily Beast was "the last straw."

Marciano and Zee have worked as colleagues for almost 10 years, but the meteorologists have been anything but cozy with each other. Their relationship appears to be a "strictly business" one with a side of turmoil.  

It all started when Marciano took over for Zee at GMA

Ginger Zee worked her way up through local news stations before making her debut on "Good Morning America" in November 2011, appearing on-air as a meteorologist on the weekend edition of the show. When she was promoted to chief meteorologist in 2013, ABC News tapped Rob Marciano, formerly of CNN and "Entertainment Tonight," to take her place and deliver the weather on Saturdays and Sundays. 

In July 2014, then ABC News president James Goldston announced to his team Marciano had been hired as senior meteorologist. "Rob will join 'GMA Weekend' and report on the latest weather headlines throughout the week as well as partner with our talented chief meteorologist Ginger Zee and the Extreme Weather Team for weather coverage across all ABC News broadcasts and platforms," he wrote, adding that he, "look[ed] forward to watching him work alongside Ginger."

ABC News may have anticipated the two meteorologists teaming up, but the two rarely crossed paths. Marciano was in the studio on weekends; Zee was in on weekdays. When out in the field, they were dispatched to different locations. For instance, in April 2024, coverage of the total solar eclipse saw her in Carbondale, Illinois, and him in Niagara Falls, New York, while severe spring weather in 2024 sent Marciano to Louisiana, and Zee to tornado coverage in Oklahoma. 

Sources say Marciano and Zee never really meshed

It could be argued that Rob Marciano and Ginger Zee were kept separated so they could cover all the weather-related news, but the truth may be a little more complicated than that. After Marciano left "GMA," it was revealed the two meteorologists had a history of not getting along. "It's sad because they are two people who are really into the science of the weather," a source told the New York Post. "Unfortunately their personalities didn't work."

The relationship between the two appeared difficult at best. Some told the New York Post that Zee kept plum assignments for herself, with one person adding, "Ginger is a know-it-all." Marciano was outed as having a temper, and it was observed, "He lost his cool in meetings when he got news he didn't like." The two strong personalities often clashed with each other, and collaboration between the two was nonexistent.

The toxicity of their relationship seems to have leaked into their environment. While details about Marciano being fired from "GMA" have included behavior issues, and Zee has been called out for using her chief position to get her way, sources close to the situation have felt the need to pick a side and offer a defense. "Rob is always positive, hands-on and never anything but professional," one person told People. In the Zee camp, another person told New York Post, "Ginger is a collaborative, inclusive and hard-working leader who is well respected by her colleagues."