Hailey Bieber's Pregnancy Confirms Selena Gomez Was Right To Turn Off Instagram Comments

Although Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber's relationship seems cordial based on statements they've made in the past denying drama, rabid rumors of a feud between the women have fueled fans to speculate things aren't so rosy. As is unsurprising in a patriarchal society, the rumored drama stems back to a man — Justin Bieber dated Gomez in the past, but he and Hailey are now married.

Past or present tension between Gomez and Hailey is unconfirmed, but Gomez isn't listening to what critics say anymore. In a "Today" interview from May 2, Gomez talked about how mental health awareness is important to her and discussed her bipolar disorder. She is the woman with the most followers on Instagram (428 million), and she told Hoda Kotb something she did that massively helped.

"I disabled all my comments on my photos on Instagram for only my friends," Gomez said, seemingly referring to only people she follows who follow her back. "So I think I've created boundaries to help me." Although it caused a stir, the "Single Soon" singer didn't mind. "I felt empowered by doing that," she said. "By saying, 'This is just for me.'" It was perfect timing, too — a few days after on May 9, Hailey announced that she and Justin were expecting their first child (via Instagram). If Gomez's comments were still turned on, no doubt everyone would be discussing Hailey and perhaps shading Gomez in the wake of the news.

Social media users theorized what Gomez thought about the Biebers' news

After Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber announced their pregnancy, people flooded to X, formerly known as Twitter, to discuss it — and Selena Gomez got mentioned many times, causing her name to trend on X following the news. One X user, seemingly curious as to what Gomez would have to say about the pregnancy, retweeted an announcement and said, "can selena gomez's manager give her the instagram password again? just for a second and then you can change it again." This seems to allude to an Elle interview from 2021 when Gomez said her assistant runs the account for her.

Assuming Gomez was angry, another X user retweeted the Biebers' family news and said, "Selena Gomez outside Justin Bieber's house right now:" adding a video of a woman screaming, "Let me in!" and trying to open a limo door. However, Gomez's fans dismissed the notion that she was upset. One reposted a fan edit and captioned it, "'Someone check on selena' just did and she's still a billionaire, pretty asf, and the most influential woman on the planet."

Gomez has gotten criticized in the past for various controversies, so it's likely the "Monte Carlo" actor won't say anything publicly about Justin and Hailey's pregnancy to avoid causing drama, even accidentally. Fans assuming she has no feelings about the Biebers' news are likely right due to her romance with Benny Blanco.