All Of The Changes To Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Set After Tortured Poets Department

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is officially back. The international superstar has returned from her two-month hiatus to embark on the European portion of her famous tour. On May 9, Swift made her triumphant return to the stage in Paris. 

Swift's Eras Tour goes through the singer's many eras throughout her career. During her hiatus, she entered a new era thanks to the release of her album, The Tortured Poets Department. Consequently, her new era has been added to the Eras Tour, and a few exciting changes have come along with it. 

The popularity of the Eras Tour means that Swift fans who have attended the tour's previous shows and those who haven't mostly know what to expect. Photos that have taken the internet by storm, videos that fans took while at a show and later posted, and the "Eras Tour" movie, have all ensured that her setlist, costumes, and set pieces have garnered a reputation — no pun intended — of their own. With a new era of the Eras Tour underway, Swift didn't just add a new album to her previous setlist, but she also made some other big changes to her show, proving that the star is, once again, giving Swifties something new to be excited about. 

TTPD fans will love the new setlist

One of the most important changes to the Eras Tour is the addition of music from "The Tortured Poets Department." While this is sure to have fans of the newest album excited, it may also be disappointing to some, since cuts were made to the setlist to accommodate the new music. "The Archer" from "Lover," "The Last Great American Dynasty" and "The 1" from "Folklore,"  and "'Tis the Damn Season," and "Tolerate It" from "Evermore." have all been cut, according to Forbes. Luckily, even if your favorite song has been removed from the tour, there's plenty to celebrate in the new setlist additions.

Swift will now feature shortened versions of five songs from "The Tortured Poets Department." This includes "Fortnight," "But Daddy I Love Him," "Who's Afraid Of Little Old Me?", "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived," and "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart." Additionally, the setlist includes samples from "So High School" and "Down Bad." 

In addition to the few changes to which songs Eras Tour audiences will hear live, the order in which they'll hear them is changing a bit, too. "Lover" lovers will hear their preferred era a bit earlier in the show than previously, and the opposite goes for "Reputation" fans. Sister albums, "Folklore" and "Evermore" now share a merged era. As always, each show will still feature two surprise songs.

The wardrobe is getting a revamp

Taylor Swift fans know that this tour isn't just about what we hear; it's also about what we see, and that's getting some updates, too. For the European leg of her tour, Swift will be sporting some new looks. A pink bodysuit and coordinating blazer is joining the "Lover" costume lineup. The "Fearless" era got an upgrade with a new fringe-covered black dress. Many of us have already seen photos of Swift performing in her new "This Is Not Taylor's Version" T-shirt for the "Red" era sweeping the internet. For "1989," an on-theme blue and pink two-piece look was added. For the first show post-hiatus, Swift performed her two surprise songs in a new hot pink dress. She also added a new bodysuit for the "Midnights" era.

New visual additions beyond Swift's wardrobe have been sprinkled among the various eras, but unsurprisingly, "The Tortured Poets Department" brought about the most changes. For the new era, Swift has added multiple outfits, including the show-stopping white dress covered in black writing. New furniture and props hit the stage for the latest era, and new visuals grace the screen. The era revolves around a black-and-white, vintage Hollywood visual theme. Additions of dancers' new costumes and a UFO appearing to abduct Swift prove that the star's newest era is captivating, full of drama, and certainly Eras Tour-worthy.