Hallmark's Tyler Hynes Is A Total Taylor Swift Fan

With his bad-boy persona and stunningly good looks, Tyler Hynes is one Hallmark leading man who really makes us sweat. His appreciation for the feel-good Hallmark network and his dedication to his fans show that he also has a soft side. And the revelation that he's a fan of superstar Taylor Swift is just another reason to love the Hallmark hunk.

Hynes' Swiftie status was revealed by his co-star Rhiannon Fish, who he credits for the great chemistry they shared on "Picture of Her." While they were filming the romance flick, the "It Was Always You" star was allegedly streaming Taylor Swift's recently released "Midnights" album. "He would sing Taylor Swift every day, all day," Fish told Just Jared in 2023, adding that he was constantly singing the lyrics to "Anti-Hero."

While we love the idea of Hynes as a mega Swift fan, his response to Fish's revelation seem to suggest that he might be more of a casual listener. "I think Rhiannon is just toying with me in the press," Hynes told Fangirlish. "I saw that as well and I thought, 'Well done.' She knows what she's doing."

The Hallmark hunk is an Anti-Hero fan

According to Rhiannon Fish, "Anti-Hero" was the song that captured Tyler Hynes' attention when they were filming "Picture of Her." Even so, the Hallmark star's rendition of the tune was limited to a few of the most-known lines. "But just the only line he knew was, 'It's me. Hi, I'm the problem. It's me,'" Fish told Just Jared. "He was singing that and I would tell him to sing the other lyrics, and he was always like, 'No, that's just, that's it, that's all I know.'"

Fish explained that Hynes was introduced to the song through a TikTok from "You" actor Penn Badgley. The TikTok in question actually references the drama thriller, as it shows the celeb opening the door to a version of himself dressed like the leading character Joe. "It's me," the hat-wearing Badgley lip-syncs. "I'm the problem it's me."

When asked by Fangirlish why the lyrics stuck out to him and if he was "the problem" in question, Hynes lightheartedly replied, "I think it's generally known that that's the case and I think I was just owning up to that reality and maybe those lyrics cut to the core of me in a way that I didn't expect."

Hynes appeared in a Swift-referencing football commercial

After Rhiannon Fish made the revelation that her co-star is a Swiftie, Hynes actually went on to star in a Kansas City Chiefs commercial that references the global pop star. To celebrate the 2024 playoffs, the NFL team launched a media campaign called "'Tis the Postseason," with one of their commercials being a Hallmark romcom spoof. Tyler Hynes and Janel Parrish headline the advertisement as stars of the fictional movie "Falling for Football," with football players like Trey Smith and Creed Humphrey also appearing.

Since Swift and Travis Kelce started dating in September 2023, the "Cruel Summer" singer has been majorly linked to the NFL. In this way, Swifties were quick to pinpoint some Taylor easter eggs in the Kansas City commercial. Most notably, Travis' mom Donna Kelce appears to reassure Parish's character when she's feeling discouraged by her beau's commitment to football. "You know, the heart can be in two places at once," she says.

While Hynes confessed to Variety that both the pop singer and the NFL were new interests for him, he had positive things to say about Swift. "She's such an icon," he said. "Her world is massive, but it seems like it's such a tight-knit community. It doesn't seem unreflective of the folks who watch our channel."