What We Know About Alina Habba's Husband, Gregg Reuben

Former President Donald Trump's attorney, Alina Habba, might not be a stranger to the spotlight, but her husband, Gregg Reuben, is far less ubiquitous in mainstream media. Habba makes most of her public appearances alone, opting to leave her husband and the three children they raise together in Bernardsville, New Jersey, out of the scrutinous public eye.

Aside from an eyebrow-raising story by InTouch Weekly detailing Alina Habba and her husband's major money issues (the magazine reported that the husband-and-wife duo owes over $1.5 million, most of which come from Reuben's $800,000 worth of outstanding New York tax warrants and over $770,000 worth of business liens), Reuben's day-to-day life is relatively private.

With a net worth estimated to be anywhere from $2 to $5 million and decades of business ventures under his belt, Reuben's life certainly isn't boring — and not just because he's one degree of separation away from a former president. So, who is this UCLA and Harvard grad, anyway? Here's everything we know about Alina Habba's second husband.

Gregg Reuben has parked himself in the parking industry

While Alina Habba makes her money in the courtroom, Gregg Reuben (pictured far right) has dedicated his career to parking. In August 2017, the Harvard grad founded Centerpark, a New York City-based parking management and real estate investment firm dedicated to sourcing and establishing eco-friendly parking across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Before becoming the CEO of Centerpark, Reuben served in various roles for similar companies since the early 1990s while attending UCLA in southern California. He was the president of Autofair America, Inc., from 1991 to 1997, but he eventually sold the company and became the Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions for ABM Industries, one of the largest parking management companies in the United States. 

Reuben later became the Vice President and Regional Partner for LAZ Parking, the CEO of Alliance Parking, and Vice President and Managing Director of SP+, another New York-based parking management company. Armed with his lengthy experience in the parking industry, Reuben founded Centerpark while attending Harvard Business School, and the company won the prestigious university's Best Business Strategy Competition.

Gregg Reuben loves enriching his local community

When he's not fulfilling his duties as Centerpark's CEO, Gregg Reuben enjoys volunteering in his local community and avidly exploring global ones. He's been on the Board of Directors for Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds since 2009, helping promote the nonprofit organization's mission of providing East Coast children with day camp experiences. He has also volunteered for The Bowery Mission, a New York City-based nonprofit that provides meals and shelters for homeless individuals.

Reuben has a particular passion for giving back to the Jewish community. He's been on the Board of Directors of The Lost Tribe Esports, which helps connect Jewish youth through e-gaming since 2019. Additionally, Reuben works with young entrepreneurs as part of the United Jewish Appeal Federation's Young Leadership Roundtable.

On a more global level, Reuben's travel blog describes him as an avid traveler. "Reuben loves to travel with his family [and] believes that the more you travel, the more well-rounded you become, and he has committed to making that happen for his kids." Reuben's blog states he has a bucket list goal of visiting every major city in the world. A lack of social media presence makes it difficult to know where Reuben has already traveled, but we do know he crossed St. Barth's off the list during his Alina Habba's over-the-top 40th birthday celebration.