Stars Who Called Out Red Flags In Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce's Relationship

Even celebrities can't help but swoon over Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's romance. Initially, there were rumors that Swift's close, friend Gigi Hadid, was wary of their relationship. However, the model swiftly put those theories to rest through an Instagram comment expressing her happiness about her bestie's thriving romance. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds seemed similarly stoked when they attended a Kansas City Chiefs game to cheer on the star tight end. On the other side of the field, the Chiefs family welcomed Swift with open arms. The couple's happiness even caught the eye of fellow A-listers who aren't a part of either of their friend circles or chosen industries. 

When Kathy Griffin appeared on the "Trash Tuesday" podcast in March 2024, for instance, she admitted to being impressed by how Kelce wholeheartedly supported his partner when she performed at the Eras Tour. The comedian felt that his enthusiasm was even more notable given that Kelce plays a sport commonly associated with toxic masculinity. However, amid the initial stream of positive reactions, Olivia Wilde took to Instagram Stories to repost a tweet that read, "I wish Taylor Swift was in love with a climate change activist," (via Glamour). 

After the actor received backlash for her comments, she clarified, "I meant no harm. It's obviously a comment on how much attention gets paid to stupid things," (via X, formerly known as Twitter). However, several other celebs saw several glaring red flags in Kelce and Swift's "Love Story" that were supposedly going unnoticed by other people and they let us know.

Bethenny Frankel didn't like Travis Kelce's attention-seeking behavior

Taylor Swift had a blast when she supported Travis Kelce at a Kansas City Chiefs game for the first time. While fans enjoyed watching her light up for her beau, Bethenny Frankel saw things a bit differently. In a TikTok video, the "Real Housewives of New York City" alum expressed that she felt Swift went a bit overboard with her enthusiastic cheering. According to the outspoken former reality star, the "Blank Space" singer's overenthusiasm made her appear more like a "football wife" in a long-term relationship. 

She also compared Swift and Kelce's bond to that of Chia Pets who were glued together after a few minutes in water. Ultimately, Frankel urged viewers to prioritize their own self-identity in relationships instead of devoting their lives to their partners. The Bravo alum was equally displeased when a supposedly drunk Kelce sang at the Chiefs parade following their Super Bowl 2024 win. In an Instagram video, Frankel confessed that she had dated a man with a similarly high-energy personality who wanted to keep all eyes on him at all times. 

Their romance was fun for a bit, but the "RHONY" star eventually grew tired of being with someone who always had to be the center of attention. Moreover, she asserted that a relationship with a supposed attention-seeker like Kelce isn't sustainable in the long term. Frankel then shared the side effects of dating a man with the tight end's alleged temperament, divulging, "It physically wears on you." She continued, "It emotionally wears on you. There's some embarrassing thing that happens that you have to explain."

Jana Kramer was concerned about Travis Kelce's drinking habits

Jana Kramer seemed stoked about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship when it began. The "One Tree Hill" star publicly shared her support by leaving a sweet comment under an Instagram post about their romance. However, her perception quickly changed. During an episode of the actor's "Whine Down with Jana Kramer" podcast, she acknowledged being turned off Kelce upon realizing that he bore some resemblance to a toxic former flame. Kramer lost more respect for the Chiefs tight end after watching him shove and scream at coach Andy Reid during Super Bowl 2024. She also found herself cringing at how he supposedly basked in the public interest surrounding his high-profile relationship.  The Hallmark star pointed out another alarming Kelce moment with regards to his drinking habits. 

As she explained, "To me, he's always drunk. Every time I've ever seen a video he's just always drunk. And I hope she doesn't go on that. I see her drinking more now, like the company you keep." Kramer also claimed that she had read some less-than-stellar stories about Kelce. A source later informed Page Six that the star NFL player wasn't losing sleep over the opinion of strangers and insisted that he wasn't an alcoholic. They also noted that Kelce is under constant public scrutiny, so it's only natural to spot him with a drink at social gatherings. Ultimately, the confidant felt that Kramer's claim about Kelce's supposed drinking problem was ill-founded because he hadn't ever lost control because of alcohol.

The View hosts didn't think their relationship was built to last

"The View" hosts spotted several red flags in how Travis Kelce spoke about Taylor Swift in his 2023 Wall Street Journal profile. During the chat, the NFL star detailed how he tried to protect their relationship in its infancy by remaining tight-lipped with the press. "That was the biggest thing to me: Make sure I don't say anything that would push Taylor away," he recalled. Sunny Hostin believed this comment, in particular, suggested that Kelce had done something shady that he didn't want Swift to know about. She also felt that his statement demonstrated that the podcaster had unrealistic expectations about their relationship because it was nearly impossible to date someone without hurting them in some little way. 

Meanwhile, Alyssa Farah Griffin felt Kelce and Swift's romance wouldn't work out in the long run either and described him as more of a "palate cleanser." Griffin reasoned that the "Lover" singer had moved on too quickly with Kelce and hadn't given herself enough space to process the end of her 6-year relationship with Joe Alwyn. In a previous episode of "The View," co-host Joy Behar disclosed that she didn't appreciate how Kelce spoke about women. Behar read a few old tweets where the Chiefs tight end criticized the Clippers cheerleaders' looks and called him "illiterate" for his bad grammar. Behar later added, "I love [Swift] because she's getting young people out to vote, so I don't want her to be stuck with this idiot."

Sara Haines seemingly believed the Chiefs player had ulterior motives

While "The View" hosts discussed whether Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship had legs, Sara Haines questioned his motives. She reckoned that the star NFL player's statements about retiring in his WSJ profile alluded to Kelce's desire to go down a different career path. Thus, Haines theorized that he would use his increased notoriety from this high-profile romance to get ahead in a new industry. At the beginning of their discussion, she argued that Kelce was being hypocritical in the WSJ interview because he was happy to talk about his partner despite his stated desire to keep things private. Ironically enough, Haines went against her previous statements by actively engaging in the discussion. 

On the show's "Behind The Table" podcast a few months prior, she shared that "The View's" executive producer Brian Teta urged the hosts to have lively discussions about Kelce and Swift's romance because it was such a hot topic. However, she consistently pushed back because Haines didn't believe that their relationship was real. "I can usually find something, but I'll let you know when I don't care," she explained. "This is a PR stunt, this whole thing, and I'm just not that interested in it because it feels like you're giving air to a publicity stunt." Further, Swift was already bringing home the big bucks with her record-breaking Eras Tour and didn't require additional public attention from her supposedly fake relationship.

Paige VanZant and Brianna Chickenfry don't believe it's a genuine relationship

During an episode of MMA star Paige VanZant's "A Kicka*** Love Story" podcast (via Instagram), she asserted that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's romance was "100% fake" and a "publicity stunt." The star athlete maintained that the high-profile relationship was simply a means for both the NFL and Swift herself to reach new audiences and become even more popular. While many social media commentators wrote off her take as ill-informed, VanZant notably wasn't the only one who questioned the authenticity of their high-profile love affair. 

TikToker Brianna Chickenfry (whose real last name is LaPaglia) argued that certain aspects of their romance existed solely to get people talking. Speaking on her "BFFs" podcast (via TikTok), Chickenfry revealed her thoughts about Kelce and Swift's kiss following an Eras Tour show in Argentina, where she also changed the lyrics of "Karma" as a tribute to him. "[Their PDA is] not, like, fake, but why are they doing it?" Chickenfry wondered. "It feels performative. Changing the lyrics, jumping into his arms right when he's waiting off stage so that everyone sees it?" 

While the social media star may not be on board with their PDA, Swift reportedly believes it's the one thing Kelce's better at than her ex, Joe Alwyn. In 2024, an insider told Life & Style magazine that the "Bad Blood" songstress adored how her beau didn't shy away from expressing his love publicly because it encouraged Swift to relax and have a good time without any inhibitions.