Pippa Middleton May Be Offered A Major New Job When Sister Kate Becomes Queen

Although what will happen to Pippa Middleton when Catherine, Princess of Wales, becomes the queen consort is up in the air, it's very possible Pippa will receive a new job of her own. Queen Camilla bucked tradition and decided to have queen's companions instead of ladies-in-waiting — whether Kate Middleton has ladies-in-waiting or companions, she may ask Pippa to take one of those spots.

Kate Williams, royal historian and author, discussed how being a monarch isn't an easy job while appearing on "The Royal Beat: Back in Time" from True Royalty TV. "The letters, the correspondence, the emails are growing every day," Williams said. "So when Catherine becomes Queen, the levels of tours, the levels of letters, the level of receptions, will still require this assistance" (via InStyle).

Williams believed Kate would choose ladies-in-waiting to help out and felt Pippa would be a likely choice. "I think traditionally, we might expect Catherine to appoint her sister Pippa because Catherine is so famously close to her family," the author said. "She doesn't have companions because she's so close to her mother and her sister. I think we might possibly expect that Pippa might be someone she might appoint." Still, Pippa would have to agree.

Would Pippa Middleton become a companion?

Despite Kate Williams being pretty certain Catherine, Princess of Wales, would offer her sister Pippa Middleton a lady-in-waiting role, she wasn't sure if it was a position Pippa would take. Per InStyle, Williams said, "Pippa has her own life — three children, and a busy life of her own. It's a fascinating question."

Another royal author named Phil Dampier told The Sun that he also felt Pippa would be a solid choice "as a lady-in-waiting or companion type role." However, he did think Pippa would step up when the time came. "Pippa has some commercial interests but I'm sure by the time Kate [Middleton] becomes Queen she would be happy to fulfill that role if required," Dampier said. "It's not necessarily a full-time job so she would be available."

Queen Camilla's companions only work at official engagements, unlike the late Queen Elizabeth II's ladies-in-waiting, who additionally assisted with correspondence. Queen Elizabeth also always had a lady-in-waiting with her. It's unclear what Kate would have her companions or ladies-in-waiting do. However, even if Pippa would like to do it, she and her husband have a business that may keep her from the job.

Pippa Middleton and her husband own a farm property

Pippa Middleton and her wealthy husband James Matthews own Bucklebury Farm Park in Berkshire (also known as the Bucklebury Farm Deer & Safari Park). They purchased the over 70-acre property in 2020. The property includes a petting zoo, cafe, play areas for children, and more. In 2023, Pippa opened the Bucklebury Gift and Farm Shop, which has an online store as well. In 2024, it was announced that the lodge at Bucklebury Farm Park could be rented out for events.

Richard Eden for the Daily Mail wrote in "Eden Confidential," "[Carole Middleton's] son-in-law, James Matthews, bought Bucklebury Farm in Berkshire for £1.5 million in 2020. Now, I hear, he's opening its lodge for parties, as well as events and even Pilates."

If Pippa would rather focus on growing the farm's business, she may decline a potential invite to be a lady-in-waiting or companion for Catherine, Princess of Wales. Or Pippa may decide to take the leap, like Queen Camilla's sister Annabel Elliot did when she became one of Camilla's companions. Pippa doing the same for Kate Middleton could set a precedent for future queen consorts and their sisters.