Shania Twain Can't Escape Plastic Surgery Rumors Despite Claims She'd Never Go Under The Knife

For years, Shania Twain has been the target of plastic surgery rumors despite insisting that she's all about going au naturel. In March 2024, the "You're Still the One" hitmaker raised eyebrows when she posted a photo of her sporting a new hairstyle on Instagram. While Twain surely only intended to show off her luscious, strawberry-blonde locks, avid fans couldn't help but notice that she looked somewhat different in the snapshot, and not exactly in a good way either. "Oh honey what did you do to yourself," one commenter wrote, suggesting that the country star had recently undergone a cosmetic procedure to transform her appearance. Others mistook Twain for Avril Lavigne or even a Kardashian, with one warning, "It's [your] life. Do what you like, but PLEASE don't go Kardashian on us," adding, "You look wonderful." 

Two months later, in May 2024, she left followers similarly puzzled after uploading another photo to Instagram once again showcasing her cute pink hair. Fans swiftly pointed out that Twain looked totally unrecognizable in the pic, but going by her caption, the "That Don't Impress Me Much" singer couldn't care less about all the negative comments regarding her stunning transformation. "I love this outtake from the @hauteliving cover shoot because you can FEEL how much fun I was having," she captioned the post. "Expect me to be coloring my hair, doing what I dare in Vegas, sorry not sorry!!" Despite rampant speculation about her looks, Twain has publicly sworn off plastic surgery in the past regardless of her youthful appearance. 

Shania Twain is all about loving herself for who she is inside and out

According to the lady herself, Shania Twain is not a fan of cosmetic enhancements. The Grammy-winning singer made her stance on plastic surgery crystal clear during a guest appearance on the "Making Space with Hoda Kotb" podcast in January 2023. While on the topic of aging and self-love, Twain confirmed that she ultimately decided against going under the knife over her fears of ending up with a botched job. "I've come to a point where, no, I'm not gonna do it," Twain said. "Maybe that was probably part of what pushed me to go, 'OK, it's time to start loving yourself in your own skin.'" The country star also noted how she'd seen both good and bad results among her peers and worries that she'd fall under the latter category. 

"And then I think, 'Well what if I'm one of those that doesn't heal very well?'" she pointed out. "Then I'm gonna hate that about myself. Then I'm gonna regret doing it." And besides, who knows if getting plastic surgery is going to make her feel more or less confident in herself? While going under the knife has certainly crossed Twain's mind over the years, the "You're Still the One I Want" hitmaker eventually realized that she didn't need fixing in the first place since true confidence comes from within. As Twain reasoned, "It's my perception of things that has to change instead of changing who I am and what I look like."

Doctors weighed in on the plastic surgery rumors surrounding Twain

At 58 years old as of May 2024, there's no denying that Shania Twain has mastered the art of aging gracefully. While the singer has consistently shut down reports of cosmetic surgery, Dr. John Layke, of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, informed Life & Style magazine in 2017 that it's still possible she's had some minor work done to her face. "It looks like Shania has combined Botox, fillers, and laser treatments to help tighten the face and add volume," he suggested. Another expert agreed, arguing that the country star doesn't appear to have any normal signs of aging. "She's likely been getting Botox for some time since there are no wrinkles or lines," New York-based cosmetic dermatologist Gary Goldenberg stated. Even her eyes seem a little different, according to Dr. Layke's Beverly Hills colleague and fellow plastic surgeon Dr. Payman Danielpour, who went as far as claiming that Twain may have gotten a facelift. 

"Her eyes appear to have a youthful cant," he noted. Speaking to Hollywood Life later that same year, Danielpour also declared that it was plausible that Twain had gotten a boob job at some point, too. "They appear fuller, especially in the upper pole which leads me to believe that she had either a breast augmentation with or without a lift or fat transfer to her breasts," he opined. Of course, all this remains purely speculative since none of these doctors actually worked on Twain. For her part, the Grammy winner clarified to Fox News Digital that she's not afraid of growing older, proudly proclaiming, "I plan on aging naturally." Twain credited her age-defying looks and figure simply to a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.