Mark Wahlberg's Daughter Inherited His Snarky Sense Of Humor

One of Mark Wahlberg's children is taking after him in more ways than one. Mark is the proud dad of four kids from his marriage to wife Rhea Durham, namely Ella Rae, whose birth in 2003 was both a sad and joyous day for her dad, Michael, whom the happy couple welcomed in 2006; Brendan Joseph, who followed in 2008, and finally Grace Margaret, who entered the world in 2010. Of the four, it's Mark's youngest child who is the most like him to the extent that Grace is practically his twin. In 2022, the "Uncharted" star took to Instagram to share a side-by-side snap of them to drive the point home. "They say we look alike?" Mark mused in the caption. As one fan confirmed in response, "Yup. Apple didn't fall far from that tree."

Another thing this duo has in common, aside from their looks, is their sense of humor. When Grace was 10 years old, Mark took her to a father-daughter dance where the sassy youngster declined to join him on the dance floor. "I didn't get one dance," the actor revealed on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in 2020. "I told her, we were going to do the big circle and I was going to go off. And she said, 'Dad, if you embarrass me, I will never talk to you again.'" Clearly, it doesn't matter if he's Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg. To Grace, he'll always be just Dad. Fortunately, though, they did end up having a blast together. "What she did do is she hung out with me," Mark shared proudly. But Grace still doesn't let him off easy most of the time.

Grace Wahlberg loves trolling her famous dad

Not only is Grace Wahlberg not afraid to sass her dad, but she also loves to troll him! In 2023, an Instagram video of Mark Wahlberg's youngest daughter poking fun at him while promoting the actor's clothing line MUNICIPAL and Performance Inspired workout supplements made the rounds on social media. The clip, which was also picked up by news sites, shows Grace pretending to be her father while dressed in head-to-toe MUNICIPAL — from the hat down to her shoes. Later, she is seen holding a tub of Mark's protein powder and repeating a catchphrase he uses when plugging the supplement: "Inspire to be better. Stay prayed up, make your protein shakes." The difference is, she cracks up while doing so.

Grace continues mocking her father as he laughs along in the background. "What time is it? Oh, 8 a.m. I gotta go to bed," she quips at one point, referencing the actor's insane daily schedule where he wakes up at 3:30 in the morning and goes to bed at 7.30 p.m. The video resonated with fans of the "Me Time" star, who enjoyed witnessing the playful nature of their relationship. "That's hysterical," one fan wrote. "Love how our kids need to poke fun and us back at them." Indeed, Mark's kids get a kick out of roasting him regardless of his Hollywood status. In 2022, he told Today that Grace described his film "Father Stu" as "the most boring movie I've ever seen." But, "She's 12, so I let that slide."

Mark Wahlberg and his daughter are both passionate about sports

Their looks and personalities aside, Mark Wahlberg and his daughter Grace Wahlberg are also remarkably similar when it comes to their athletic abilities. Mark's body transformation continues to turn heads due to his insane commitment to health and fitness. And, at just 14 years old, in 2024, Grace was already showing a major passion for sports and was even making her mark as a professional equestrian. As her dad, Mark couldn't be prouder. "She's already traveling the world, jumping horses and doing her thing," the "Departed" star divulged on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" in 2023. "Of course, she picked the most expensive sport possible. But... she loves it. She takes so much pride in the little stuff."

Who else would Grace get her athletic genes from aside from Mark? Like him, she knows what it means to really put in the work and to always strive for excellence. As the Oscar nominee told People in 2023, "She's got it all figured out." In fact, Grace already has her sights set on participating in the Olympics and competing in the Grand Prix jumper ring one day. Talk about big dreams! "My daughter — believe it or not — is more disciplined than me," Mark confessed to E! News about his mini-me. However, unlike Grace, the actor didn't develop this strong sense of discipline until much later in life. "She does it on her own because she wants to be an Olympian," he gushed. Perhaps proud is an understatement!