Details About Casey Deidrick's Relationship With Hallmark Co-Star Stephanie Bennett

Many fans know Casey Deidrick as one of several soap stars who made the move to the Hallmark network. While the California native had a five-year stint on "Days of Our Lives," he made his feel-good debut in the 2021 made-for-TV movie "A Very Merry Bridesmaid." Since then, he's starred alongside Hallmark veteran Stephanie Bennett in "Wedding Season."

Bennett, who's known for her supporting roles in flicks like "Christmas Class Reunion" and "The Last Bridesmaid," has provided some insight into what her dynamic was like with Deidrick when working on their 2023 movie. "He's a great guy and fun to work with," Bennett told TV Fanatic about her co-star. "We definitely had a lot of laughs on set." In a Hallmark Livestream, Bennett had the chance to reflect on one of the duo's more fun on-set moments. "Casey and I were doing this very serious scene and you'll know which one I'm talking about when you watch it," Bennett said. "Throughout the entire scene, there were [geese] quacking super, super loud." While the quacking was inevitably edited out of the movie, Bennett added with a laugh, "Just know how distracting it was for us."

Stephanie thought Casey was perfect for his role

Stephanie Bennett might have more experience with Hallmark movies than Casey Deidrick, but the Canadian native thought that her co-star made a great addition to "Wedding Season." The made-for-TV movie, which aired as part of Hallmark's 2023 "June Weddings" lineup, follows Trish (Bennett), an aspiring writer who finds herself in need of a date after committing to attend three of her best friends' weddings. Her friend Sean recruits his brother, Ryan (Deidrick), to be her much-needed plus one.

"He fits right into the Hallmark world [and] I have to say he did a great job," Bennett shared in an appearance on the "Love and Lattes Podcast." "He was perfect for the role of Ryan, absolutely perfect." Bennett pointed out that both Deidrick and his character Ryan ride motorcycles, a hobby that's often featured on the actor's Instagram page. This wasn't the only similarity Bennett mentioned, though, as she added, "He is very fun and easygoing and down to earth."

The actor pointed out a significant height difference

When reflecting on the duo's dynamic, Stephanie Bennett also mentioned the notable height difference between her and fellow Hallmark star Casey Deidrick. As their movie "Wedding Season" revolves around back-to-back weddings, the two actors spent plenty of time out on the dance floor. "He's also very tall, so he's 6'5, and I'm 5'3," Bennett told TV Fanatic. "So you can imagine I was staring up at him the entire time."

In an interview with A Book Of, Deidrick opened up about being so tall, explaining that he used to be unhappy with his height. "But lately I've really started to own how tall I am and feel comfortable in my own skin," he explained. "The downside is I bang my head on pretty much everything and shirts never fit the way I want them to."

This height difference between Deidrick and Bennett, while notable, didn't seem to detract from the positive on-set chemistry shared by the two lead actors. As Bennett said on her "Love and Lattes Podcast" appearance, "I think I can speak for everyone in that it was a joy to work with him."