What To Know About Anne Hathaway And Kate Hudson's Rumored Feud

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson collaborated on the film "Bride Wars," released in January 2009, but some may not have known that the pair allegedly had turmoil off-screen. Multiple sources claimed that the actors did not get along during production. Unfortunately, this may have been due to Hudson supposedly being a mean girl.

In August 2008, one insider suggested to OK! Magazine that their issues escalated after Hathaway's former boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, ran into some legal trouble, which ultimately landed him in jail for four and a half years. Allegedly, Hudson was not supportive of her co-star during the situation. Another "Bride Wars" insider told Glamour in September 2008, "She (Hudson) was just awful to Anne ... (but) she (Hathaway) never played into Kate's cattiness." However, Hudson's team denied such allegations, maintaining that the pair were friends, though not everyone was sold. Talks of a physical moment between the two only further fueled gossip of a rift.

Kate Hudson smacked Anne Hathaway across the face

As if allegations of them not getting along weren't bad enough, rumors swirled that Kate Hudson physically assaulted Anne Hathaway on the set of "Bride Wars." The incident was initially kept under wraps, so the details weren't immediately known. However, the co-stars came clean about the slapping during a January 2009 chat with People, though they said it was accidental.

"Imagine, surrounded in a cloud of tulle, Kate Hudson's hand with the 9,000 carat diamond coming out and smacking you across the face and staying in character," Hathaway explained (via Express). Hudson admitted to the hit, adding that Hathaway wanted to continue the scene, though she later required an ice pack. During another joint interview with Cinema.com shortly after the movie was released, the pair addressed the headlines about their rivalry head-on. "If you believe the tabloids, Kate and I hate everything about each other," Hathaway stated before Hudson chimed in, maintaining no hate but confessing to being envious of Hathaway's lips. After clearing the air once and for all, the duo seemed to have no bad blood in the years since working together.

It appears the two remain friends in the years after Bride Wars

After "Bride Wars," Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, who tries to remain mostly out of the spotlight, didn't appear in another production together. Still, their personal relationship seemed cordial, which was apparent during their run-ins throughout Hollywood. In January 2015, they were all smiles as they posed for a photo during a private dinner. In May 2024, they both attended the star-studded birthday party of V Magazine writer Derek Blasberg. They didn't arrive together, with Hathaway showing up with her husband Adam Shulman. So, the extent of their interaction at the party is unknown, but it's likely the were friendly as they celebrated their mutual pal.

Despite a slap and whispers of pettiness, the Hollywood stars have seemingly moved beyond any alleged drama. There was even speculation that they would be reuniting in film for a remake of the 1992 dark comedy, "Death Becomes Her." Neither has confirmed this to be accurate, but their undeniable on-screen chemistry would surely make for another blockbuster.