The Most Inappropriate Outfits Lauren Sanchez Has Ever Worn

As one of the richest men in the world, Jeff Bezos' love life has been a point of interest for years. He may not be a famous superstar in the entertainment business, but the public is still keen to know what the Amazon founder gets up to in his spare time. When he got divorced in 2019, he didn't hang around and quickly found love again with entertainment reporter Lauren Sanchez. The stunning transformation of Jeff Bezos' fiancee over the years has been a sight to behold — to say the least. Sanchez is no wallflower, and while it's easy to assume her outfits have become edgier because of her high-profile relationship, that's not the case. 

The mother of three has been working in the entertainment business for years, hosting shows like "Good Day LA" and "So You Think You Can Dance." She's even appeared in several movies, like "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Fight Club" to name a few. Her career meant she often appeared on red carpets, but some of her looks were a little more risqué than those of the other actresses. Sanchez has never been afraid of flashing a little flesh, though she's upped the ante in recent years.

We're all for a thigh-high slit or a low-cut moment, but if there's a time and a place, then no one told Sanchez. Her love of fashion is here to stay; whether it's entirely appropriate is neither here nor there! Let's take a look at some of her most jaw-dropping moments. 

Lauren Sanchez turns heads in red

Demi Moore turned heads in her 2024 Oscars party gown, but she wasn't the only one making a splash. Lauren Sanchez turned up at the famous Vanity Fair soiree in a fiery red chiffon gown by Lever. The couture piece certainly made a statement, with the sheer fabric barely protecting Sanchez's modesty as she posed on the red carpet alongside Jeff Bezos who wore a 007-esque tuxedo. Sanchez's remarkable dress pulled her waist in tight, giving her an hourglass figure. The high slit of the dress, coupled with its flowing fabric, made for an interesting fashion moment, and while it wasn't necessarily a bad look, it wasn't a modest one either.

What's more, the color perfectly matched the red carpet and the red background, making it a little bit of a strange choice. Most celebrities tend to avoid matching the decor, but Sanchez seemed to go all in. She completed the look with a diamond necklace and nude pumps.

Sanchez also made sure to pose with other big names once she got inside. There are photos of the actress standing alongside stars like Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and even Selma Blair. Sanchez's gown may have been stunning, but when put next to other highly-tuned A-list fashionistas, it appeared to be a little lacking in the chic department. Still, no one will forget it — and maybe that's the point!

Lauren Sanchez's state dinner dress was a faux pas

In 2024, Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos were invited to a state dinner with President Joe Biden at the White House. It's an honor to dine with the president at these events, which often occur when foreign heads of a state visit or there's a momentous occasion that needs to be marked. While guests often don their best apparel for the evening, women usually keep it formal and reserved — but not Sanchez. She stayed true to her sexy style roots by opting for an off-shoulder burgundy dress with a lingerie-style sheer corset bodice and a tight silk skirt. 

Though the former TV host looked beautiful, her outfit choice raised a few eyebrows. Outlets like the Telegraph published articles with headlines such as "Was Lauren Sanchez's dress too risqué to wear at the White House or is this the new posh-sexy?" leaving many to wonder if Sanchez missed the mark. Undoubtedly, Sanchez knew her dress would get people talking, which may be half of the reason she opted to wear it. 

Regardless of what naysayers may think about it, Sanchez was smiling from ear to ear alongside her husband-to-be as they strode the hallowed halls of Washington's most important building — and isn't that what really matters? Though we have to say — Jill Biden's most iconic fashion moments pale in comparison! 

Sheer dress or sheer nightmare?

The worst celeb looks from New York Fashion Week can't hold a candle to this one. While it's true that fashion is like art, open to interpretation, there are some outfits that just don't work. In January 2024, Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos rocked up to the Dolce & Gabbana Party in Milan, Italy, dressed in his-and-hers black outfits. While Bezos wore an ill-advised black velvet suit with dark sunglasses that looked more like an '80s mobster than a modern man, Sanchez's outfit was the real scene stealer. Staying true to what we've come to expect, the future Mrs. Jeff Bezos wore a see-through corset-style lace dress that left nothing to the imagination. 

Sanchez's chest was barely contained, and her underwear was entirely on display. Though she draped an oversized jacket over her shoulders, Sanchez didn't seem entirely concerned about feeling the cold. Even for a fashion designer's party, this look is somewhat excessive and on the more risqué side, which is saying something for Dolce & Gabbana. 

It wasn't Sanchez's first outing in a barely-there dress, and if history is to be believed, it won't be her last!

Lauren Sanchez's short LBD raised eyebrows

Though Lauren Sanchez's 2024 White House look made some people clutch their pearls, it wasn't the first time she turned up to a formal event in an outfit that could be considered inappropriate. In 2023, Sanchez and Jeff Bezos were invited to the ICCF U.S. Congressional International Conservation Leadership Awards at the Waldorf Astoria in Washington, D.C. They weren't just there to sit and eat, but to receive the Good Steward Award because of their work with the Bezos Earth Fund. 

For his part, Bezos looked smart and business-like in a simple black suit with a white shirt and black tie, looking every inch the respectable entrepreneur. Though Sanchez did tone her usual style down for the evening, she still made sure her little black dress flashed a lot of leg. The short outfit covered up in other areas and Sanchez opted for sheer black tights to make the outfit less risqué. However, in a room full of others in prim and proper evening wear, Sanchez still stuck out like a sore thumb. 

In other photos from the evening, Sanchez is the only woman wearing a short dress. Others are wearing below-the-knee, simple gowns, which makes us wonder — did Sanchez miss the memo or purposely ignore it?

Little black playsuit for a Nobu dinner

By looking at this photo, it's easy to think that Lauren Sanchez and her beau, Jeff Bezos, are headed to the beach to soak up the sun and top up their tans. That wasn't the case. Sanchez wore this little black backless playsuit to a fancy dinner at Nobu in Malibu in 2023. While we can't tell what the front looks like from this photo, it's probably relatively simple as the back is the key feature. Sanchez wore her long black tresses loose, but that can't have added much warmth! 

While Nobu isn't the Ritz, it's still considered a fancy restaurant that many celebrities visit. According to their website, the dress code for the Malibu location is "Smart/business casual. Jeans are fine as long as they are not torn; no flip flops." Whether Sanchez's outfit fits the rules is up for debate, but let's face it — no one is going to turn away one of the richest men in the world from a restaurant because of what his fiance is wearing. 

Other diners may have found it a little eyebrow-raising, but it's likely not the strangest thing they've seen in Malibu, even if it is inappropriate. 

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos clash

Some celebrity couples opt for matching outfits that make history (shout out to Britney and Justin styling denim on denim) while others go for the total opposite. It's hard to tell which camp Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos fall into with this aesthetic, which can only be described as busy. Sanchez wore a full-length black and red beaded dress with a plunging neckline, thigh-high split, and sheer sleeves to a Prime Video Celebration in 2023. She paired the dress with sky-high black pumps, which made her look almost as tall as her beau. 

While the dress would be a beautiful (and quite reserved) choice for a gala or other high-flying celebrity event, it didn't exactly match the surroundings. The event decor was much more low-key, making the outfit, and in turn, Sanchez, look wholly out of place. What's more, the extreme detailing clashes horribly with Bezos' black and white patterned suit jacket. Whether the couple thought the pattern-clashing was somehow coordinated or whether they simply didn't think about how they would look together is up for debate. 

Either way, this is an extreme miss on Sanchez's part, who always seems to put a lot of thought into how her fashion looks on camera!

Lauren's love for sheer clothing goes way back

As we previously discussed, Lauren Sanchez has been in the public eye for decades. Though her romance with Jeff Bezos has certainly upped her profile, Sanchez has been wearing head-turning outfits on red carpets for years. In 2002, she attended the Junior League of LA's Viva Los Angeles Casino Night at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood alongside her then-love, "NYPD Blue" star Henry Simmons. While early noughties fashion could be partly to blame for Sanchez's outfit choice here, it still doesn't hit the right note. She wore a sheer top with fringe detailing and a flower print alongside brown leather pants. 

Simmons, on the other hand, looked very smart in a black shirt and pants combo, and other guests opted for much more demure looks. For example, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Garcelle Beauvais wore a beautiful dark blue gown that reached down to her mid-calves, while "Showgirls" star Elizabeth Berkley went business-casual in a white shirt and black midi skirt. 

Sanchez's outfit is simultaneously too casual and too revealing compared to other looks from the night, which is quite the achievement!

Lauren Sanchez's award-winning dress fail

Jeff Bezos' net worth at the time of stepping down as CEO of Amazon was a reported $196.4 billion, according to Forbes. Given that, it's hardly surprising that Bezos tries to do his bit for charity, introducing the Bezos Courage and Civility Award in 2021. This prestigious prize gifts $50 million to philanthropists looking to make a difference with their work, so it's quite a big deal to win it. In 2024, the award went to actress Eva Longoria and retired Navy Admiral William McRaven. Of course, there was a grand soiree to celebrate the occasion, and Lauren Sanchez was there to support her man in handing over his millions to good causes. 

In an Instagram post to mark the occasion, Sanchez shared pics from the event alongside the caption, "Jeff and I are incredibly humbled and honored to announce our next Bezos Courage and Civility Award recipients! Eva Longoria and Admiral Bill McRaven will each receive $50 million to take on some of the causes that they are deeply passionate about." 

Bezos kept it serious with his navy blue suit and white shirt combo, while Sanchez wore yet another eye-popping corset number. The black dress, adorned with sequins, made Sanchez's ample bosom the key focus point. In comparison, award-winner Longoria wore a striking sparkly dress that buttoned up to the top for an elegant and sophisticated look that was on point for a charity event.

A red white and blue blunder for Hollywood Homicide

In 2003, the stunning transformation of Josh Hartnett was in full swing. Hartnett, Hollywood's heartthrob at the time, filmed "Hollywood Homicide" alongside Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford. The comedy caper tanked, but at least we have photos from the premiere to console ourselves. Interestingly, Lauren Sanchez has a small part in the movie as a chopper newscaster. This involvement landed her an invitation to the movie's premiere at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California. 

Though she wasn't one of the movie's main stars, Sanchez might have put a little more thought into her outfit for the occasion. Instead, she wore a very small and arguably casual dress that would've been better suited to a pool party. The red, white, and blue patterned dress was strapless, showing off her toned body beautifully — but it also clashed horrendously with the red carpet and the red font of the movie title.  

In Sanchez's defense, even Hartnett played it casual for the event, wearing jeans and a cord blazer. Even so, given it's one of Sanchez's only movie roles, the help of a decent stylist could've elevated this look and made it a little more movie premiere-appropriate. 

Lauren Sanchez's see-through beach dress

For the 14 years prior to her relationship with Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez was married to high-flying Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell. Whitesell is one of the biggest agents in the entertainment industry and was worth around $440 million at the time of their divorce (which coincidentally was announced the same day Sanchez's relationship with Bezos was made public), according to the Daily Mail. Over the years, Sanchez appeared at plenty of movie events alongside Whitesell, including the 2005 premiere of "The Longest Yard", which took place just a few months before they tied the knot. 

Sanchez's choice of outfit was interesting, largely because it once again seemed to be more appropriate for a long day at the beach than an A-list event rubbing shoulders with the likes of Adam Sandler. Again displaying her love for sheer garments, Sanchez's white top and skirt combo accentuated her cleavage while covering up her legs. 

It's nowhere near as risqué as some of her more recent choices, but is it a smart choice given the type of event that this is? We have to go with no. As a side note, it looks like Sanchez wore the same transparent shoes here that she wore to the "Hollywood Homicide" event two years prior. 

Lauren Sanchez's New York Fashion Week travel outfit

We aren't prudes; we know New York Fashion Week is the time for celebrities to get outlandish with their aesthetics. All the men Lauren Sanchez dated before finding love with Jeff Bezos will tell you that she loves a good outfit — no matter the occasion. In 2023, Sanchez rocked up to the Staud fashion show in the Big Apple wearing a very short, sparkly little black dress. Bezos kept it simple in all black, and it worked as a couple's outfit. What's more, when compared to other looks from the event, Sanchez's get-up isn't that inappropriate. 

However, something makes this choice a little unwise. Sanchez opted to travel in the shorter-than-short dress and sky-high heels, by helicopter, no less. Many celebrities rent hotel rooms close to shows so they don't have to spend the whole day in an uncomfortable outfit, but not Sanchez. Of course, the paparazzi managed to snap a few pics of Sanchez getting out of the chopper, somewhat clumsily, as she's helped by Bezos. 

Perhaps the idea was to make a dramatic entrance, but if it were up to us, we would have chosen comfort every time!