What Happened To Fiona On Hallmark's When Calls The Heart? Here's What We Know

You've likely seen it happen before. A character on a TV show disappears from the program because they're going off on a new, exciting journey — i.e., the actor portraying them likely has a new commitment and they need to be written off the show. It seems that's exactly what has happened to the character Fiona Miller from "When Calls the Heart," played by Hallmark's Kayla Wallace.

Fiona was introduced in Season 6 with the intention of getting Hope Valley set up with a telephone system. Her character went through a few different careers and was later in charge of the town barbershop. In the first episode of Season 11 (which aired on April 7), it was revealed that Fiona had left town to continue her work as a suffragette.

Erin Krakow, who has double duty as both the star and executive producer of "When Calls the Heart," told TV Insider in the "Heart Beats" aftershow that Fiona's absence is due to a new role for Wallace. "We love Kayla Wallace. We would love for her to be in every episode," Krakow said. "Kayla had a really incredible opportunity on another TV series that films out of town. ... It's really exciting. We're excited for her." Although Krakow didn't spill the beans on what Wallace's new show is, she encouraged people to look it up. Krakow added that they'd love Fiona to return for future appearances.

Kayla Wallace is starring in a show for Paramount+

It was announced in January that Kayla Wallace was cast as attorney Rebecca Savage in Paramount+'s upcoming show "Landman." The show also stars Billy Bob Thornton and Michelle Randolph and is created by "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan. Wallace shared the news on Instagram with the caption: "THRILLED. So grateful. Let's GO!" 

Wallace enjoyed her time playing Fiona on the Hallmark hit. In a TV Fanatic interview from 2022, she talked about Fiona's journey. "What I love most about Fiona is her ambitious attitude and her drive to really do what she feels is most important in life," Wallace told the outlet. "I think she's not afraid to stand up for herself. She's not afraid to say no." She liked playing that part in a period piece since it was "a time of life where maybe that wasn't as common." Wallace also said she loved the show's message of women supporting women.

Wallace is in a relationship with "When Calls the Heart" co-star Kevin McGarry and she showed her support when the new season aired. When McGarry posted photos about the show on Instagram, Wallace shared one on her Instagram Story and wrote, "Season 11 BABY!" (via People). While fans will no doubt miss her on "When Calls the Heart," it's possible that Fiona could one day return to Hope Valley. For now, though, they'll have to catch her in her newest venture. While a premiere date for "Landman" hasn't been set yet, its IMDb page has it slated for a 2025 release.