Why Tom Cruise Fans Think The Star Had Plastic Surgery

Tom Cruise has long been deemed one of Hollywood's most desirable men, but even that has not exempted him from plastic surgery rumors. This has been primarily due to his changing looks over the years, such as a possible decrease in wrinkles, which some have attributed to Botox. Fans have debated his procedures online, with one X user speculating, "Tom Cruise has either gotten botox done or plastic surgery...not hating, just being honest." Another even pleaded with him to ease up on changes to his face, writing "This is painful but, I'm just going to say it....#TomCruise needs to stop with fillers, botox and lifts."

Theories such as these were only fueled when Cruise showed up at a San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers game in October 2021 with a visibly swollen face. His shocking appearance led many to believe he was either recovering from a cosmetic procedure or had gained quite a bit of weight. One month later, he was spotted with his face seemingly back to normal, though that didn't seem to ease the whispers about a possible nip tuck.

Several surgeons have suggested that Cruise had multiple procedures

After Tom Cruise was spotted at the baseball game, Dr. Frank Agullo expressed his thoughts about the actor's face to Radar Online. "Tom Cruise has always seemed to defy aging, but in this photo, it seems like he has gained facial weight or had too much fillers to the cheeks," he explained. Another surgeon weighed in after Tom Cruise stepped out in Miami for the May 7, 2023, Miami Formula One Grand Prix, with what appeared to be a more chiseled jawline.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich of New Face New York, broke down why this may have been, telling The U.S. Sun that he believed Cruise could have spent upward of $50,000 to improve his face. "There's the possibility of functional rhinoplasty, of laser skin, resurfacing, and perhaps even a little lipo under his chin," he explained. Neither professional has worked on Cruise, so their observations are only their expert opinions. While there could be some validity, the Oscar nominee previously shared that he would never undergo such enhancements.

Cruise once stated he wouldn't get any cosmetic work done

The former husband of Katie Holmes sat down with Playboy Magazine in May 2012, where he answered a series of questions. Cosmetic surgery came up in the chat. When asked if Tom Cruise ever underwent any beauty alterations, he replied, "I haven't, and I never would." It's possible he could have had a change of heart in the years that followed, though the relatively private action movie star may never confirm nor deny the allegations.

While such theories have plagued the "Mission Impossible" star, they are certainly not the most scandalous controversies of Cruise's career. There has been no concrete evidence to suggest Cruise has gone under the knife. Still, the rumors likely won't stop as he continues to age. Thankfully, his changing appearance has not stopped the Hollywood legend from securing film roles and remaining popular amongst the ladies.