Signs Isla Fisher And Sacha Baron Cohen's Marriage Would Never Last

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen confirmed on April 5, 2024, that they were ending their marriage after almost 14 years. In matching Instagram Stories, Fisher and Baron Cohen announced they'd filed jointly in 2023 and had been navigating their split privately ever since. But while the news may have come as a shock to some, as the two once seemed like they were totally solid, it sounds like this breakup has actually been a long time coming.

One of the biggest signs Fisher and Baron Cohen's marriage wasn't going to last? Reportedly, 2023 didn't mark the first time they'd considered divorce. A source told People after the news broke that the two had been in contact with divorce lawyers a few years before they officially went their separate ways. The insider added that Baron Cohen had then met again with divorce lawyers in the summer of 2023, which may well have marked the end of their union. However, the two put on a united front at the time. In early August 2023, Fisher shared a rare snap of herself and her husband together, posting a photo on Instagram that showed them kissing during a trip to Greece. But there were more signs this relationship wasn't going to stand the test of time.

Where Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen lived may have played a part in their split

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly didn't exactly see eye to eye on where they should live with their three children. A source told Daily Mail Baron Cohen wasn't overly happy about their home base being Australia. Fisher grew up there and wanted to be near her family. Baron Cohen, however, is from the United Kingdom and reportedly struggled with being so far away from his family and friends. Before their move in 2020, the two had been dividing their time between Fisher's home country and his. In June 2023, the year they split, the Daily Mail reported the two had actually been looking for houses in London. The outlet claimed at the time that one of the big reasons for the U.K. move was also because they were finding it difficult to commute from Australia to the United States (despite having a home in Los Angeles) for work commitments, which may equally have put a strain on their marriage.

Daily Mail's insider added the split was a long time coming, claiming, "Their marriage has been shaky for years." The source also hinted that the "Borat" actor may have been unhappy with the decisions being made in their relationship. "He made [the moving] sacrifice for her and would make many sacrifices for her throughout their marriage," they claimed, though we know Fisher did bend for Baron Cohen too, including having a Jewish wedding ceremony.

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly lived separate lives before announcing their divorce

Another reason it seems Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, who kept their relationship pretty private, just weren't built to last? Us Weekly reported that the two had been living separate lives since 2023, while Page Six also noted they'd been doing their own things without each other before confirming their breakup. That included attending parties solo and avoiding red carpets together.

Although it wasn't the cause for their split, The Sun claimed Fisher was the one who decided to announce their divorce due to Rebel Wilson's allegations surrounding her estranged husband. In her book, "Rebel Rising," Wilson made some shocking claims about Baron Cohen. She wrote that he made her uncomfortable while filming their 2016 movie "The Brothers Grimsby," including suggesting she film nude scenes. She also claimed Baron Cohen asked her to insert her finger into his rear after pulling down his pants. Baron Cohen vehemently denied Wilson's claims in a statement obtained by People

According to The Sun's source, Fisher decided to go public with their split to distance herself from her estranged husband. "She's got her own career and reputation to worry about. Those close to her said it was starting to get embarrassing with all of the allegations that were spilling out of Rebel's book," they said, claiming Baron Cohen would have preferred to keep the divorce news private.