Alison Sweeney's Screenwriting Is Baked To Perfection In One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery

Hannah Swensen is back; this time, things are a bit more personal for star Alison Sweeney. The newest installment of the beloved Hannah Swensen Mystery series, "One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery," premieres on April 5 and marks the series' ninth film. This series is the follow-up series to "Murder, She Baked," which was comprised of five films, the first of which premiered back in 2015. Through the many changes, storylines, and mysteries to be solved in these films, one thing has been consistent: Sweeney always brings life and plenty of heart to Hannah Swensen. This time around, though, Sweeney isn't just reprising her beloved role in the film; she also wrote it.

Writing a movie script is very different from performing. Yet, with so much time playing Hannah Swensen under her belt, there was really no one better to pen this latest installment than Sweeney. This actor-turned-writer certainly proved herself despite her trepidation about entering the writer's room. "I was so nervous when they read it the first time," Sweeney told SheKnows, recalling sending the script to her co-stars. "When I had to send the email like, 'Okay, here's the script,' it was the hardest click ever," she added. Luckily, the network Sweeney has called home for over a decade knew she could pull it off all along. "It was amazing the support I got from Hallmark right away," she explained, adding, "Their enthusiasm for it and their belief in me was just really rewarding."

Sweeney faced writing obstacles head-on

Continuing a series that fans have loved for so many years is a daunting task, no matter what. Yet, Alison Sweeney faced some particular challenges in her script. Many Hannah Swensen fans want to see their favorite character back in love with her will-they-won't-they beau, Mike, played by Cameron Mathison. However, Mathison is among the Hallmark stars who left to join the competitor network, Great American Family. Dealing with Mike's absence when so many fans want to see him and Hannah together couldn't have been easy. Yet, "One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery" deals with this roadblock seamlessly, which proves that Sweeney's writing chops are just as impressive as her knack for embodying Hannah onscreen.

Determining the details around the newest installment's lack of Mike wasn't the only detail that required some extra attention from Sweeney. She also needed to give the series' new leading man, played by veteran Hallmark star Victor Webster, an introduction that would be fitting for the story and move the Hannah Swenson Mystery series into its new era. Webster plays attorney Chad Norton, who entered the story with an air of mystery and an all-business attitude. It's clear that this film sets the scene for the movies that will follow, and it creates plenty of interest in Chad's character.

Sweeney has a knack for suspense

Of course, this wouldn't be a Hannah Swenson Mystery without some mystery. And, boy, does it deliver. Yet again, Hannah finds herself in the middle of a crime that needs solving. Among the other accomplishments "One Bad Apple" achieves in terms of the overarching story, it also has a compelling puzzle at its core.

After starring as the character at the heart of so many mysteries over the years, it's clear that Alison Sweeney knows what makes a crime drama tick. She put her understanding of the genre to good use in this script. "One Bad Apple" has misdirections and surprises that would keep even the most seasoned mystery-lover hooked to the end. And, if you're someone who tunes into the Hannah Swenson series for the baking, this movie shows Hannah taking her culinary craft in a brand new direction. Ultimately, it's the beginning of a new chapter for Hannah Swenson mysteries, and with Sweeney involved as the leading lady, producer, and now, the writer, we can't wait to see where this series is heading.