Travis Kelce's Favorite Baby Name Has A Sneaky Connection To Taylor Swift's Rumored Ex

Leading the ranks of the world's hottest It-couples are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Travis has reportedly spent millions to keep their romance alive, on gifts, plane rides, and more. Although previous signs that the duo were going to get engaged seem to have been premature, they're definitely getting pretty serious.

Worlds collided when Arnold Schwarzenegger was a guest on the "New Heights" podcast that Travis co-hosts with his brother Jason Kelce. A lifetime ago (also known as 2012), Swift was rumored to have dated Arnold's son Patrick Schwarzenegger. There was no confirmation of that relationship — but speculation of it sparked when Patrick and Swift were seen hugging at a Kennedy family Fourth of July celebration in Hyannisport, captured in photos obtained by the Daily Mail.

While interviewing Arnold in April 2024, Travis unintentionally linked Swift's rumored past with his hypothetical future when he mentioned how one dream baby name is the name of a character Arnold played. "I might name my first kid Conan," Travis said with a smile, referencing "Conan the Barbarian." "I might."

Taylor Swift did date a different Kennedy

If Taylor Swift and Patrick Schwarzenegger had dated, Travis Kelce's declaration of wanting to name his firstborn "Conan" in honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger's role might be awkward. However, speculation about Swift and Patrick was squashed when Swift's high-profile Conor Kennedy romance was confirmed in August 2012. (Conor and Patrick are related since Patrick's mother, Maria Shriver, was John F. Kennedy's niece.)

People had much to say about Swift and Conor's relationship — including spreading gossip. According to Star Magazine (via RadarOnline), in October 2012 an anonymous source claimed Swift cheated on Conor with Patrick. Swift's team denied that was true. In a Rolling Stone interview, she also denied rumors that she "kidnapped" Conor by picking him up from school and flying him to Nashville. "How did I kidnap him?" Swift asked. "You can't kidnap a grown man! These are serious accusations, now!" Swift added, "It's an interesting way to spin something into a story ... See, this is why I don't read stuff [written about me]."

Swift and Conor's breakup was reportedly amicable, according to Us Weekly. Patrick seems to have no issue with Swift either since he retweeted a video of his father working out to her song " ... Ready for It?" in 2020 with the caption, "Going crazy in the gym to Taylor Swift. Love It. Keep it up."